Commercial Kitchen Floors

Urethane Cement Floor for Bakery

Project Overview

We are proud to share this case study with you, as we were one of the first epoxy flooring contractors to assist Dunkin Brands in converting their national operations to a commissary type of food delivery. We wanted to install a product that would allow us to overlay the existing tile floor. This was a 2,000 square feet space located in Manassas, Virginia.

Project Details

​Location:  Manassas,VA

Products:  Dex-o-Tex Tekcrete and Dex-o-Tex Colorflake L

Project Name:  Dunkin Donuts
Type of Business:  Franchise Restaurant

Size/Square Footage:  2,000 square feet


We needed to find a product that would adhere to the existing ceramic tile, without sacrificing long term quality. This would alleviate the cost and mess associated with tile removal and door heights etc.

The Process

​Step 1: Inspect for solid adhesion for all tiling to be overlaid

Step 2: Applied integral radius cove base to all wall to floor joints

Step 3: Mechanically abrade flooring to allow for solid bonding

Step 4: Apply urethane cement flooring system in kitchen area

Step 5: Apply decorative epoxy flooring in the office space

HPS's Solution

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We specified an urethane cement flooring system, as its adhesion rating is 300 pounds per square inch, in other words it would require sheering of the tile. As a result, we applied our 4" integral radius cove along with an 1/8" system after skim coating the tile to fill the mortise joints.  Our topcoat was of the same chemistry, as urethane cement coating retains the same specified qualities we needed to best perform our task.

In the small office space, we installed a full broadcasted decorative epoxy floor to create an inexpensive epoxy flooring system that will create a luxurious appearance while serving as the perfect non slip flooring solution. If you need an expert to create that special resinous flooring solution for your unique needs please do not hesitate to call: