Concrete Polishing

A Local Bagel Shop Installing Concrete Polish



Our client found us by searching "concrete polishing near me" as they were located within miles of our offices in Middlesex, NJ. They had old VCT and ceramic tile down and wanted to find low maintenance yet beautiful flooring solution.

Concrete Polish Mock Up

Rough Cut with Metal Tooling to Start the Honing Process

A true concrete polish generally requires a 6 to 8 stage process, with each stage involving increasingly finer diamond tooling. The nature of polish is similar to sanding a wood surface, starting with rough sandpaper and finishing with very fine sandpaper to leave a shiny and smooth surface. We begin by using a 30 grit steel diamond to start the refinement process, followed by 3 more passes on the entire substrate until we reach a 120 grit metal diamond.

concrete polish-2

Fine Grinding To Achieve the Desired Sheen

After densification, we continue using resin diamond tooling. With each pass of the substrate, the sheen continues to increase. This typically is a three-step process, depending on the desired finished sheen level. The most common sheen is an 800 grit level sheen. For perspective, big box stores generally look for a 400 grit sheen level in their facilities, as they feel this creates the best return on investment eliminating the need for the additional passes that would be required to get to the higher sheen.

concrete polish-4

Removing the Old Floor and Preparing the Substrate

This project was a 1,000 square feet concrete polish. We began by removing all of the remaining tiles. Once removed, we ground the floor using an industrial diamond grinder with aggressive diamond tooling to remove all of the adhesive and other foreign materials that might affect the finished polished concrete installation. As we remove the unwanted adhesives, we then identified and filled any voids greater than a 1/2" in depth using a polishable patching material. 

concrete polish-1

Densifying the Substrate to Create a Hard Surface



Once the metal tooling phase of the project is complete we then apply a densifying product that will saturate the slab and create an extremely hard surface. This is the phase that will dictate the longevity of your new concrete polish.

concrete polish-3

Applying Polishing Guard Solution and Burnishing




After honing the substrate to the desired shine. A polishing guard solution will be applied and allowed to dry. Once dried, we then use a high-speed machine to burnish or polish the resinous product. This step is what creates a mirrorlike sheen and offers protection from staining.

concrete polish-5

Each Concrete Polish Is Unique

Each substrate has its history and concrete matrix, meaning some have bluestone others yellow there are various levels of wear and tear. These characteristics make concrete polishing so unique as each project has its character and finished look. All of which is even, shiny, and natural-looking.
High Performance System takes pride in not only concrete polishing but more importantly, providing the client with the finished product they desire.
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