Concrete Resurfacing

Life Span of a Concrete Slab and It's Resurfacing

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The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) suggests a concrete substrate life expectancy is approximately 30 years. When considering industrial and commercial usage common sense dictates something less. That being said, rarely is replacement necessary. An experienced epoxy flooring contractor can specify a far more cost-effective solution without the demolition and mess that goes with slab removal, by way of concrete resurfacing.

Concrete Resurfacing Requires the Proper Surface Preparation

60,000 square feet of Concrete Resurfacing

  The surface profile required to ensure proper long-term bonding is done by way of mechanical abrasion and should never include acid etching; thus the need for a good concrete flooring contractor has the correct tooling to provide the correct profile.

Going beyond profiling, all too often contractors make the mistake of filling a "moving" crevice with a rigid product guaranteeing failure.
In that instance we apply a flexible sealant within enough thickness to absorb the movement, making our patching a long-term solution once applied to the surface. 

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A Proper Concrete Resurfacing Will Provide For Increased Workers Safety

After Removing Loose Concrete and Surface Profiling

Some of the most common issues with older substrates are uneven shifting of each slab creating not only a tripping hazard but also loss of inventory with the tipping of loads and of course damage to your forklift equipment whose rigid suspensions allow the tires to take all the abuse. 

Grind and seal flooring over the top of your patching will create a far safer workplace as it protects the floor and ensures more years of service. 

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An Experience Concrete Floor Coating Contractor Can Ensure Long Term Benefits
Finished and ready For Years of Usage

Our knowledgeable team brings over 30 years of experience to provide the best possible concrete resurfacing repair.
Our expert epoxy flooring contractors can fix these floors while using the latest technology available to repair your concrete flooring. We can resurface, refinish, and even apply a grind and seal epoxy flooring so it will last for many years going forward.

Invite us to work with you on your next concrete resurfacing. Our team will meet with you and develop a system that both fits your needs, is within your budget, and is less expensive than slab removal.

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