Contactless Quote

In an effort to keep our clients safe, we have created a platform that will allow for contactless quotations.  

How it Works:

1. Completely fill out the form below with the relevant information.

2. Write a brief description of the current state of the floor, what it's used for, and the amount of traffic it needs. Make sure to detail the current type of flooring you have (concrete, tile, etc.) and if there are any major problems, such as cracks, dents, delamination, etc. Don't hesitate to include any other concerns you have such as dust-proofing capabilities.

3. Upload a photo of the job site.

After you submit the form, our team will evaluate the information you provided and contact you with a detailed quote.

From there, we will discuss the next steps and set up an onsite visit to finalize the quote. We can typically meet within 24 hours.

Contactless Quote Form

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