Containment Coating Contractor

Project Overview:  Secondary Containment Coating System for Pharmaceutical Company

Existing Conditions: The existing concrete coating was in good condition but needed to be coated to protect against harsh chemicals. Our work in these cases begins with an engineer gathering data on the types of fluids typically stored in the facility and evaluating the existing substrate.

Preparation of existing condition: During the first phase of the project, we diamond cut the perimeter of the containment area in a 6” band and chipped out the substrate in this band to create a ½” or greater depression into which we would install our curbing. This allows our concrete to remain embedded within the slab. Additionally, we diamond drilled holes and installed rebar to maintain the structural integrity of the curbing. This is crucial as the containment curbing may see occasional contact from forklift traffic which will test the integrity of the concrete if not properly secured. Next, we prepared the inner surface of the containment area to ensure a good mechanical bond. We diamond ground the area to expose clean, white concrete and create a suitable profile for our chemical resistant coating

Products Installed: During the installation phase, we created concrete forms to pour our containment curbs. We also etched out an area for an elevated ramp that would allow for forklift access to space without compromising the containment capabilities of the space. After all joints and divots were patched, we applied a seamless cement urethane system. We applied the coating at a nominal 3/16” depth and broadcast 40/60 mesh silica sand to excess to aid in slip resistance and increase strength in the wear coat of the system.

After twelve hours of cure time, we applied a cement urethane topcoat (Sika Purechem 31NA). This top-coat allows staff to keep maintenance procedures to a minimum and ensures the chemical resistance of the floor.


Conclusion: Beyond the high ASTM ratings for chemical resistance of these products, we also specified them for the quick turn-around time, which would allow our client to return the area to use in a matter of hours. This type of product also boasts a greater expansion coefficient than most materials, which means a longer-lasting floor.