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Project Overview of a Decorative Epoxy Flooring Project in NYC

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This project was located within the Staten Island Ferry concourse in NYC, the original ceramic tile flooring was laid over a very soft underlayment causing the tiles to break upon impact. Their maintenance cost to repair the flooring was getting out of hand. We were called in to replace badly worn areas using quartz epoxy flooring and epoxy flake flooring.

Details on How the Epoxy Flooring Contractor Would Proceed

As an epoxy flooring contractor, we are well versed in adapting to the circumstances that our client, Staten Island Ferry handled all passenger traffic coming and going from Staten Island to Manhattan. As a result, when they unloaded the ferries, as many as 50,000 people would herd out onto the concourse. This meant we needed to develop a game plan that would allow for their activity, while simultaneously installing our decorative epoxy flooring system.

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The Process of Apply Quartz and Epoxy Flake Flooring

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After meeting with our client, we developed a strategy that would include nights and weekends, which is not at all unusual in the epoxy flooring industry. Additionally, as previously mentioned, we had predesigned our quartz and flake combinations that would best match the existing tile.

We started by removing the loose and damaged tiles, as well as the thin layer of underlayment beneath the ceramic tile flooring system. Once removed and cleaned up, we proceed to install our quartz epoxy flooring, as well as the epoxy flake flooring systems. We might add, the matching of the existing floor was impeccable.

Challenges of Time Restraints and Epoxy Flooring Application

We recognize that our industry requires the ability to adjust to circumstances, including scheduling, cure times, and creating a plan. This project was no different, we truly believe we built our following by accommodating our client's needs above our convenience. Particularly, where decorative epoxy flooring is concerned, as it frequently requires multiple steps. 

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HPS Solutions To All Your Epoxy Contractor Needs

Evaluating a good epoxy flooring company is critical to any epoxy flooring project. Promises made must be promises kept, and here at High Performance Systems, we understand that our client's reputation is often at stake. Just as importantly, our client is in business and looking to make renovations for a purpose and at a cost, our job is to keep that cost as reasonable as possible without sacrificing the quality of their resinous flooring. That notion maybe even be more involved where a metallic epoxy floor is concerned, given its multiple coat system that cannot be soiled or disturbed throughout, for fear of leaving permanently damaged imperfections.

Contact us today and share your needs and the conditions we need to develop a game plan. We are certain you will be pleased with not only the plan but the execution, so call today!