Decorative Epoxy Flooring NJ

Project Overview: Decorative Epoxy Flooring for KFC

Existing Conditions: Mezzanine level untreated concrete slab. 


Conclusion: Our team provided Yum Brands/KFC with a custom bioflake floor system to match their decorative epoxy flooring system. This system matches their business color themes while creating a clean and safe food working environment. To learn more about this project and similar ones give us a call at 800-928-7220.

Preparation of existing condition: Prior to diamond grinding the space, our team installed quick-cure epoxy patching to all penetrations from the previous trades to ensure seamless transitions. Once the patching material was fully cured our prep team established a mechanical profile using diamond grinding equipment with HEPA vacuum systems to ensure a dust-free workspace.

Products Installed: Being that this commercial kitchen was located above other retail locations waterproofing was a major concern of our clients. The design team specified an elastomeric epoxy by General Polymers to create a waterproof and decorative epoxy flooring NJ system. From here HPS Corp. specified a Fastop Bioflake system to create a unique and custom decorative epoxy flooring system to match KFC's brand theme. This system consists of a self-leveling urethane cement base coat with a broadcast to rejection using vinyl chips and a glass-like urethane topcoat. The topcoats' sheen and texture can be customized to include a high-wear anti-slip texture and satin finish.

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