Decorative Epoxy Flooring


  • Completely Custom Flooring Designs

  • Quick Turn Around Time

  • Long Term Flooring Protection

  • Bright Fresh Look to Your Space

  • Easy to Clean

Our knowledgeable team brings over 30 years of experience to provide you with the best capabilities for decorative epoxy flooring installation. It's not just enough for the flooring to be long-lasting, safe, and easy to clean. Flooring also needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Our expert resinous flooring contractors can redesign the look of your flooring, and they will use the latest technology available to deliver you an economical system. We offer a wide variety of decorative flooring options:

Color & Flake

Metallic Flooring

Custom Logo

Custom Color and Flake decorative flooring option is the most popular. We offer a wide variety of custom epoxy coloring and flake blends in order to deliver the perfect custom floor for your brand. An epoxy flooring expert can use color swatches from your brand’s logo in order to get an exact match for the epoxy dye and flake color. Having a flooring system that exactly matches your brand’s colors helps to create a streamlined look throughout your space and it becomes an extension of your brand image.

Custom Color and Flake flooring offers:

  • Wide variety of choices

  • Flake blends designed to match your branding

  • Easy installation

  • Economical

Invite us to work with you for your next flooring repairs. Our team will meet with you and develop a system that both fits your needs, is cost-effective, and is aesthetically pleasing.


If you don't see exactly what you are looking for here, it does not mean we cannot serve you. Give us a call and our expert team will design a completely personalized system for you.

Why You Should Work With Us:

  • Free on-site visit

  • Free consultation answering all questions and concerns

  • Customized concrete flooring system that is tailored to your needs

  • A Contract Manager that designs your flooring system

  • A Project Manager that oversees the installation process step-by-step 

  • 30 years epoxy and resinous flooring experience from us

  • Local Owned and Family Owned Business that will support your business in return



Our Resinous Floors Can Be Installed in Any of

the Following Areas & More

Decorative Epoxy Flakes

Installation of decorative epoxy flooring for ferry using micro chips

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Installation of decorative epoxy resin coating for grocery store

Quartz Epoxy Floors

Installation of decorative epoxy resin flooring with quartz for retail store