Meet Our Team

 Jeffrey Smedley – President 

Co-founder of Mid-Atlantic Technical Services, Jeffrey has been immersed in the Industrial and Commercial focused flooring and surfacing industry for over 30 years. His father was a graduate of prestigious Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He spent his environmentally minded career designing and mastering steel storage tanks and protective linings. Jeff is proud to be a second generation surfacing pioneer, further honoring his father by operating High Performance Systems in an eco-friendly manner. He has dedicated his career at High Performance Systems to understanding a complete array of surfacing solutions, creating a seamless application process while maintaining a focus on the client.


 Stephen Smedley – Vice President  


Stephen, a graduate of the University of West Virginia, quickly adapted to his role as Director of Operations at High Performance Systems. He represents the third generation in the family business of surfacing with an environmentally friendly focus. The combination of Stephen’s background in Business Management and his extensive job site knowledge allows him to foresee and remedy potential concerns before they become problematic.


 Kevin Smedley – Director of Marketing 

Kevin has a bachelor of science degree in technology/pre-engineering education from The College of New Jersey. As the marketing and brand manager, he is tasked with creating effective marketing campaigns to both advertise the business and inform people in industry about all aspects of resinous flooring. Kevin has developed one of the most comprehensive online resinous flooring resources, which covers new and upcoming regulations, industry-specific flooring requirements, and analysis of resinous flooring materials.