About Us

Let's Form A Lasting Partnership

We are a local, family-owned business in New Jersey that has been working in the flooring industry for 30 years.

We enjoy working with other local businesses and being able to provide a service that makes a difference for their business.

Our mission has always been to provide our clientele with a custom designed, long-term surface solutions that have been tailor-made to fit their needs. 

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in the design and installation of a vast array of surface solutions. Our dedication to learning the specific needs of many industries has been a leading contributor to our long-term success.


As important as that has been, learning to listen and understand the concerns of our clients has solidified many long and mutually successful relationships.

We conduct a free, on-site assessment of your company's current flooring system. We also answer all of your questions and concerns and help you to understand the step-by-step process. 

Once the floor installation begins, our project manager will be on site and will always be available to keep you informed of progress and any impending matters that may arise and need to be addressed.

Our goal is to provide you with a custom-designed epoxy flooring system that will not only satisfy but will also build a lasting partnership for many endeavors to come.

We invite you to read our blog, see samples of our work in our case study videos, or call us directly to learn how we can help make your project successful.