Epoxy Floor Coating NJ

Project Overview: Epoxy Floor Coating System for Laundromat Service

Existing Conditions: Our client had just bought a brand new warehouse space which he was looking to turn into a commercial laundromat. The existing concrete slab was cracked and damaged and was in no way equipped to handle the harsh chemical exposure a laundromat entails. 

Preparation of existing condition: Our team began by diamond grinding the entire area to remove surface contaminants and establish a mechanical profile. Next, we vacuumed the entire surface to remove any remaining debris. The final step was to identify and remove any spilled concrete and to fill any voids greater than ½” using fast cure epoxy gel or modified cement.

Products Installed: The installation itself was rather simple. Our team applied two coats of GP 3569 - a high solid epoxy resin. After the first coat was applied we broadcast 40/60 mesh sand for added slip resistance before applying the second coat. This high solids resin coating was perfect for a laundromat for its ability to waterproof underlayments, and its chemical resistance to help prevent damage from detergents, bleach and cleaning solvents.

Conclusion: The prep for this job was rather extensive, but once completed we were able to have all of the coatings put down in one day. This epoxy flooring system will remain waterproof as well as slip and chemical resistant for many years to come.