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An Epoxy Resin Floor Installed by a Reputable Epoxy Floor Company

This project entailed 60,000 square feet for the Jonathan Green fertilizer company. They requested an epoxy floor company to make spills easier to clean up, and wanted to create a dust free workspace to not only protect their employees and but their finished products. They chose a pigmented resin flooring system, which is the best to hide away any fertilizer spills, which are typically the same color beige.

A Grind and Seal Concrete Floor Creates a New Smooth Look

A typical diamond grinder weights about 800 pounds, with a series of diamond cutting tools attached. It does an excellent job of creating a smoother look to your overall concrete flooring. By doing your concrete resurfacing prior to grinding you also can hide your patchwork.

On this project, there were some areas where the old coating system had failed but still remained, so the grinding process not only made the floor more smooth flowing, but opened up the substrates porosity. This allowed for deep penetration of our new grind and seal flooring project.

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If you're interested to know more about the grind and seal process, please do not hesitate to visit our grind and seal concrete floor blog, which best describes the process in greater detail. 

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Epoxy Floor Company With a Purpose

Our client wanted us to find a color that would best match their finished product color, so that any spills would not show until they had time to clean up the area. A grind and seal concrete floor application does more than simply seal the surface. In this instance, they used it to help in their overall appearance, as it not only hid spills better, but created a brighter and livelier workspace for their team. The best part is, it cost our client nothing extra to provide pigment and the new look.
Grind and seal flooring represents the very best, and an economical solution to your industrial epoxy flooring needs.

Value is the Key For Your Next Grind and Seal Flooring Project

As an epoxy floor company, High Performance Systems has developed a scope of work that will generate years of good service out of your next epoxy resin floor system, at a cost that simply won't be beat, and done with the same level of quality and craftsmanship. That process includes an upgrade on our vacuum system, so that we would not affect our client's work staff and work product, as well as, a state-of-the-art propane grind machine, which avoids bothering our client, as our goal is to be your silent partner in helping you grow your operation. We know what it takes to climb to the top, and we know that it is more difficult to stay there. That's why we want to be the teammate that keeps you on top.

Give us a call and see if we are a good fit for your team!


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