Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Project Overview: Epoxy Resin Contractors With Chemical Resistant Topcoat and Custom Anti Slip Texture 

Existing Conditions: This project took place in the expansion of a pre-existing pharmaceutical production facility. Space was repurposed from a storage area to a pharmaceutical epoxy flooring space to accommodate additional production. Starting with new concrete the client’s objective was to create a clean, seamless and non-porous flooring surface. 

Preparation of Existing Conditions: We began by diamond grinding the entire substrate to remove surface contaminants and establish a mechanical profile. Next, we chased all cracks to remove debris and remove loose or cracked shoulders of the slab. Once all the crack repairs were made we finished the prep phase by vacuuming the entire area to ensure a proper bond. 

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Products Installed: The installation phase began with applying the cement urethane slurry to all areas to create a seamless surface. Before the urethane cement was allowed to cure we broadcast silica sand to excess: creating an anti-slip texture. Once the extra sand was swept off we sanded the floor using a floor buffer to remove rough edges and create an easy to clean finish surface for our system topcoat. 


Conclusion: Our client was in production within 36 hours from the start of the project to a full cure of our pharmaceutical epoxy flooring system. We provided this client with a turnkey process from inception, developing a specification to meet their flooring solution and a timeline to maintain a schedule. Beyond this, our manufacturer-trained installation crews maintained a clean worksite while providing a seamless non-porous flooring solution.