Epoxy Flooring Contractors NJ

Project Overview: Epoxy Floor Coating for Beverage Production 

Existing Conditions: For this project, our client contacted us with a flavor & aroma processing area in their beverage production flooring space that had been only lightly coated with an epoxy coating. The coating had been worn through in spots and the floor was getting scratched and damaged by everyday kitchen traffic. Because the production room saw very high Ph levels and a variety of acidic products, the flooring system needed to be much more robust than what existed.

Preparation of existing condition: We encountered 4 separate areas with worn and peeling epoxy. Our team began by de-greasing all soiled areas and removing all sections of failed epoxy. We then diamond ground the entire surface to create a smooth profile and to ensure a positive bond with our new flooring material. In the final step of our preparatory phase, we created an epoxy gel to fill in all cracks and joints, which would leave the floor perfectly smooth. This would allow us to create a totally seamless surface that is easily sanitized and 100% compliant with FDA code.


Conclusion: This installation provided some minor hurdles along the way, but as expert epoxy flooring contractors we have seen it all. The existing slab was absolutely saturated and required a massive amount of degreasing before we could actually begin the installation. In the end, our client was left with a beautiful floor that will remain strong and intact for years to come and will remain within health code parameters, which was a major concern of theirs. 

Products Installed: Our team began by applying a coat of Wear coat 440, a 100%-solid industrial epoxy. This epoxy primer would ensure a solid base and allow our final system to bond well. We then applied a layer of Wear coat 100, a two-part aliphatic urethane intended for high traffic areas that also see chemical exposure. The finishing touch for this system was to broadcast a product called “Shark Grip” into the flooring system to provide a non-slip surface and thus increase workplace safety.

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