Epoxy Flooring Installers NJ

Project Overview: Warehouse Epoxy Flooring System for Molding Services Company

Existing Conditions: Our client was a major mold die injection company and needed new flooring for their outdated warehousing space


Preparation of existing condition:  We prepped the concrete with diamond grinders to remove any laitance and contamination and get down to white concrete so that the epoxy would have a solid bond. After the floor was prepped we swept and vacuumed up all of the dust to ensure a direct bond. Dust is one of the leading causes of epoxy floor failures. Before the first coat was applied we also edged all floor to wall joints and taped all terminations and drains to ensure a clean floor with straight lines.

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Conclusion: Our team of epoxy flooring installers was able to come in and complete this job in under 72 hours. This warehouse epoxy flooring system will act as a dust proofer and will hold up against intense forklift, foot, and cart traffic. 

Products Installed: As with most warehouse epoxy flooring systems, this was a very quick and easy product installation. We specified a two coat system of GP 3569 High solids epoxy. This high solids epoxy is perfect for warehouses due to its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.