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Project Overview

One of NJ's largest utility company in PSEG required an epoxy flooring systems of the regenerating station located in Keyport, NJ  It was 14,000 square feet requiring line striping. The job needed to be completed over a holiday weekend.

Project Details

Location:  Keyport, NJ

Products:  GP Trafficote 105 and GP 4410 urethane coating as well as Macropoxy 646

Project:  PSE&G

Type of Business:  Utility Company

Size/Square Footage: 14,000 Square Feet

The Process

Step 1: Protect all the surrounding equipment from any dust containment

Step 2: Diamond grind the entire space to create profile and expose damaged areas

Step 3: Repair all voids in flooring using engineered quick setting concrete patch

Step 4: Apply epoxy primer to create an even porosity and solid glue line

Step 5: Apply 1/8" epoxy slurry flooring system

Step 6: Apply urethane topcoat to retain sheen and color

Step 7: Apply line striping as per OSHA guidelines


The project was done over a holiday weekend, making efficient use of our time critical to our success. We needed to man the job with extra manpower to handle the masking and covering of equipment, ensuring our client's smooth return to service. The epoxy flooring contractor crew began by diamond grinding the area to be resurfaced. Ultimately, both teams came together to get the job done well and on time.



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HPS Solutions

Our client required an epoxy flooring system that would create a dust free and non slip flooring system. We achieved this by installing an 1/8" epoxy slurry along with the enhanced urethane topcoat to provide improved scratch resistance and color retention.

To maintain their safety program we applied safety markings and linage to comply with all OSHA standards. Quick and reliable turnaround is the bedrock of the High Performance System reputation.

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