Epoxy Floors

65,000 Square Feet of Epoxy Flooring in Secaucus, NJ

One of our regular clients purchased a building located in Secaucus, NJ, and the space was 65,000 square feet. It had previously had epoxy floors and they liked the way they were and the many years of good service. However, they were badly worn, from many years of use and they were looking for a clean and new look prior to mobilizing their equipment and materials.

The Preparation Process For Your New Epoxy Flooring System

As in most all projects, the preparation phase is the most critical, in this instance we include some patching using a good quality concrete resurfacer. The product was specific to a vapor barrier flooring system that good epoxy flooring companies can provide insight with your consultation.

Once all remediation work was completed we were careful to mask out areas that we did not want to splash or spill any of the flooring products used, ultimately creating a neat and clean finished floor as any client should reasonably expect from their epoxy flooring installer.


We then proceeded into the profiling stage, using an industrial diamond grinder to create the required CSP 3 profile for the ultimate bonding conditions as spelled out by the manufacturer's data sheets that will be provide to our client along with your quotation

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Commercial Epoxy Floors Require An Expert To Get the Maximum ROI

Having the right epoxy flooring contractor will pay dividends in the long run as proper preparation and application as spelled out in your previously provided data sheets will result in the best results for both wear as well as longevity.  Commercial epoxy floors require the proper equipment; proper preparation equipment with the down pressure to create a consistent profile for you application as well as , following all mixing and application procedures that are routine for any experienced epoxy flooring contractor.

Once all patching and profiling was completed we then moved into the coating stage, using a good quality epoxy flooring product. High solids are important for its abrasion resistance but more over a thicker wear surface.  Of course, this project was done during the winter months causing a lower surface tension resulting in slower cure times for our thermal cured resin system.

The following day, we inspect for any oversights or touch ups that might be required. Once we were satisfied the base coat was neatly and properly applied we moved onto the aliphatic topcoat of which will provide increased scratch resistance as well as color retention as epoxies tend to fade due to UV exposure over time.

Epoxy Flooring Provides a Multitude of Benefits


Epoxy flooring systems provide protection from early wearing of your substrate as well as protecting against erosion of the joints and minimizing any concerns for uneven loads and the like. In addition, it enhances the light reflectivity and general appearance to both wow your clients as well as create a positive work environment for your staff.

We certainly hope to earn the opportunity to offer you the very best in terms of education and providing the information you will require to make a sound decision that will pay dividends for your operations expectations.

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