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A quick video to illustrate the process and benefits of a professionally installed epoxy floor

Epoxy floors offer many benefits, including low maintenance, restoration of your current floor, and an opportunity to do any needed concrete resurfacing and hide with your new epoxy flooring system. Furthermore, they are customizable allowing for the texture of your choice to meet your operations requirements as well as custom color to create your choice of light reflectivity and general appearance. An experienced epoxy flooring contractor can walk you through the process and help you decide what serves your needs best.

A Few of an Epoxy Flooring Company's Projects

Epoxy Kitchen Flooring

This was an epoxy kitchen flooring system. Most commonly kitchen floors require a good thermal shock value demanding the use of urethane cement chemistry. In this instance, their commercial kitchen floor was exclusive to sandwiches and other packaging of food to go. In other words, no baking of any sort, the priority was on a sanitary space to ensure a quality product. Epoxy's do offer a higher compressive strength making scratching a lesser concern.

epoxy kitchen floor


manufacturing epoxy floor

Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

Manufacturing epoxy flooring typically prioritizes a clean and neat flooring system that can provide the nonslip texture their operation requires. This system is both ideal and very cost-effective.

It involves a patch of any eroded areas followed by mechanical abrasion than a two coat system to include a high solids epoxy reis and finally a urethane coating to provide higher scratch resistance and color retention as epoxies tend to oxidize from UIV exposure.

Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

The warehouse and fulfillment industry has many common concerns where their flooring is concerned. Typically warehouse epoxy flooring provides great light reflectivity as well an economical solution for the physical appearance of your workspace.

Additionally, this system allows for any hiding required patching and general repairs. It is not uncommon that we add an aluminum oxide additive to create good slip coefficiency.

warehouse epoxy floor
Production Epoxy Flooring

Production epoxy flooring often involves color coding of various departments within your facility. This makes organization and a great systematic routine for your work staff. Furthermore, you can customize each area to meet that department's demands. This floor will last many years when properly maintained which is broom and mop or more often an auto scrubber.

production epoxy floor
Epoxy Slurry System

Epoxy flooring comes in many shapes and sizes. Where heavy traffic is common in your space you may well choose to go with a thicker epoxy flooring system. Maybe more important than thickness the slurry allows for a full broadcast of aggregate to create an extremely durable wear surface that will last the test of time. Moreover, after many years of usage if you were to choose to refresh the space by simply applying a simple topcoat and your back to new.

epoxy floor system

The value of using our epoxy floor company services is our longevity. Many years of listening to our client's needs have allowed us to experience virtually all scenarios. Please do not hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation.