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Project Overview: 45,000 sq. ft. Epoxy Sealing 

The existing concrete slab in this warehouse was in fair shape, however, the floor was creating a ton of dust making for an unsafe work environment. Our client was looking to fix the dust issue so he could be within OSHA compliance without spending the typical amount that a full epoxy system entails. A two-coat epoxy warehouse dust proofer system is exactly what he needed.

Preparing for an Epoxy Sealing Project

As an epoxy sealing company,  we milled the top layer of the existing slab to expose virgin or white concrete using diamond grinders. We needed to remove the top layer which was heavily exposed to years of dirt, dust, and debris.

The process of installing a concrete slab involves troweling this results in "vibrating" the aggregate to the bottom and the fines to the top, this can result in a soft-top surface

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A Quality Epoxy Sealer Product is Important

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Finally, the floor coating contractor was ready to begin the two-coat epoxy flooring system. The base-coat, consisting of GP3569, was applied to penetrate the slab, seal the concrete and give our topcoat something to bind to. The topcoat applied was an aliphatic urethane. The topcoat of SW Rexthane is a high solids, single component, aliphatic, moisture cure urethane. We specified it because of its numerous properties, the main ones being impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant coating.

In a short-sighted cost savings measure sometimes clients use an acrylic sealer these products typically do not have enough body to hold over time. Ultimately costing more to remove and seal with the right products.

Conclusion of a seal epoxy company project

This very budget-friendly warehouse dust proofer system allowed for a return to service in as little as 8 hours after the topcoat is applied and only took 48 hours! This warehouse flooring option is great for those who want to keep their existing floor intact while giving it an upgrade and not break the bank with a full epoxy floor system.

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