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Overview- Factory Epoxy Floor Project

Our client, located in Roselle, New Jersey, was in need of renovations while in the midst of a COVID-19 driven slowdown and thought they would make the best of a bad situation. Their facility provided packaging services, but more importantly, it was a not-for-profit company that employed many special needs employees. Knowing that we are a well established factory epoxy flooring company, and that we are living blessed lives, we were inspired to pay it forward by taking on this project, and we wanted this facility to look special and eye-popping once finished.

The Factory Epoxy Contractor with a Challenge

Creating a dust-free workspace within a cost-friendly budget was certainly an important goal for this project, but we also needed to comply with safety regulations to allow for a safe workspace. Additionally, we needed to grind down the trip hazards presented at the expansion joints and taper them out with an epoxy mortar, pre-patch the slab where the floor had worn down, and make ADA compliant line stripping to be encased beneath the scratch-resistant urethane topcoat.

All of this needed to happen while the staff was taking some time off, to allow us the opportunity to upgrade the facility and include a manufacturing epoxy resin floor.

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Project Details for the Commercial Epoxy Contractor

This 9,288 square foot factory epoxy flooring project located in New Jersey was very unique in that it required some design work in order to include two-tone and safety lines, allowing safe passage for employees. We started by mechanical abrading the substrate to meet the manufacturer's requirements to create a solid glue line for the manufacturing epoxy flooring system.

Once the abrasion process was completed, we then walked and inspected the entire existing floor for any voids to be filled before installing the new epoxy flooring system. As an epoxy contractor looking to pursue excellence we then masked out the two-tone color scheme, to ensure sharp and clean lines. We then proceeded to apply our epoxy primer.

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The next day we immediately inspected the newly prepared substrate for curing and that no patching had been overlooked before proceed to apply the base coat of 100% solids epoxy. We applied the appropriate colors, as per the previously designed layout. Finally, we came back the next day, ensuring as a professional commercial epoxy contractor to clean the workspace and fine tune any fine points to allow for an impressive look. We took great care of the entire workspace and paid attention to both small and large details.

High Performance Systems Solutions to Factory Epoxy Floors

To create a safe, clean, and attractive work environment, we specified a three-coat flooring system consisting of an epoxy primer, epoxy body coat, and a urethane topcoat with a slip-resistant additive to ensure ADA compliant slip coefficients.

​To address the walls, we applied two coats of a pre-catalyzed epoxy floor resin to offer the most easily cleanable surface when complete. Beyond the application of an industrial wall coating, we caulked all holes and expansion joints using a urethane sealant and backer-rod when necessary.

​The floors of this space now reflect light to brighten up the entire space, and worker stations are now clearly defined and easy to clean.

We would love the opportunity to help your manufacturing facility exceed all expectations. We truly believe our 30+ years of factory epoxy flooring experience is an asset that we would like to share with you, so call us today!

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