Food Grade Epoxy Flooring

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Urethane Cement Flooring System

This project involved an airline caterer in New Jersey, it was their new facility to provide meals for their passengers. The client had already determined a specification for what products were to be used in this application, so our work was easy, we had to install the best looking and lasting food safe epoxy resin flooring available. The architect selected an urethane cement flooring system with an chemical resistant epoxy topcoat.

The Process of Installing a Food Grade Epoxy Resin

Once the client did the research and we mutually agreed on the right products and timing of each area we started the process of installing our food grade epoxy flooring system. We began by mechanically abrading the substrate to a CSP 4 surface profile, as per the material provider's requirements. Once completed, we then inspected and identified any voids that required our attention prior to installing the urethane cement slurry, immediately followed by a full broadcast of the aggregate that would result in the client's desired anti slip flooring, creating their customized food safe epoxy base coat.

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The following day, we did apply our chemical resistant epoxy floor coating, sealing the resinous flooring system that created a medium textured and evenly finished floor that will tolerate all the service that any FDA approved epoxy floor that might need.

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Challenges of Applying a Food Safe Epoxy System While Meeting the Budget

Epoxy flooring is a misnomer, but it is the commonly accepted term used in our industry, as this resinous flooring system entailed both a base coat of urethane cement flooring and an epoxy topcoat. The owner's representative had expressed a concern that they were well over budget and asked if we could help find ways to lower the overall flooring cost. We achieved this by requesting the concrete contractor include angled terminations in the forms for curbing, alleviating the expense of hand applied cove base. 

We then helped the client, identify areas where a simple grind and seal flooring system might suffice, and used that effective but budget friendly system in the warehouse space and storage areas. These two items alone reduced our cost to the client by almost 20%.  We know from experience, working together always results in a long term relationship that will include trust and future business.

HPS Epoxy Flooring Contractors Want to Partner With Your Facility's Best Interest

After many years of watching our competitors fall by the wayside, we make it a point to see every experience as a lesson. At High Performance Systems, we know if you treated your client with honesty and fairness it will be returned in future business and a relationship that brings both sides a feeling of accomplishment.  Whether your food safe epoxy resin project is small or big, we see every call as an opportunity to develop another long term relationship.

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We hope to encourage you to call today to see if we can partner with you make your next epoxy flooring project go smoothly, without the surprises that are all too common in the construction industry.

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