Food Grade Epoxy Flooring

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600 square foot Catering Service

Epoxy flooring is ideal where a dry process along with fairly consistent temperatures exists. A lot of food processing involves hot and cold water exposure crating the need for urethane cement flooring in this case the client made sandwiches and packaged ready-to-eat products making the additional compressive strength of an epoxy floor ideal.

Food Grade Epoxy Flooring is the Solution for Food Packaging Concerns

Epoxy is the ideal chemistry for a dry process or where varying temperatures are not of concern. While having a harder compressive strength it also can excel in all of the food safety concerns other food and beverage flooring has to include; radius cove for ease of cleaning, customizable texture to fit your facility's requirements.

The epoxy flooring system can be installed in a variety of colors and textures. This is important for not only esthetics but also workplace safety as some food services might involve flour for example, which will be very slippery on a smooth floor. Others might just package finished goods making the texture less of an issue.

Having a professional epoxy flooring contractor help you through the process will help in deciding what is the correct flooring system for your operations.

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Starting Point

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Cove Installed and Broadcasting
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Finished Food Grade Epoxy Floor