Food Service Flooring

food service flooring

A Few Examples of Food Service Floors

Food service flooring encompasses different spaces involving food and beverage concerns. Commercial kitchen flooring is generally a facility that cooks intermediate food or mass produces food products. Food service is generally thought of as packaging, cafeterias, and areas serving food products to the public.

food packaging flooring

Food Packaging Flooring

This project was a 1,500-square-foot storage refrigerator for this concerns prepackaged food items. This  floor was specified and installed as a urethane cement floor to handle the various temperatures

Food Delivery Flooring

this restaurant needed a clean and neat space for their delivery operations. We installed a 2,000 square foot floor for their mixed front and back of house. Most restaurant kitchen floors require more texture but this space was reserved for RTE products and no cooking was involved.

food and beverage floor
food service floor
Barbecue Flooring Over Tile

Here is a barbecue restaurant delivery service that took advantage of the Covid slowdown to replace their old tile flooring with state-of-the-art urethane cement flooring. This system bonds well to solidly adhered tile, where the tile was missing we pre-patched using the same urethane cement formula.

We have been specializing in food service flooring for more than thirty years. As a result, we have seen many scenarios and timelines. Take advantage of experiences and give us a call today to discuss your next commercial kitchen flooring project.