Forklift Charging Epoxy Flooring

An Overview From the Commercial Flooring Contractor

This project was located in Edison, NJ. It was a very large fulfillment center that needed a chemical resistant epoxy floor installed for their new fleet of forklifts. They were a high volume facility requiring off-hour epoxy flooring installation.

Details on the Epoxy Resin Corrosion Resistance Floor

As previously mentioned, this was a project in New Jersey that involved a 3,000 square foot space, for the exclusive use of a forklift battery charging station. To achieve fitness of purpose we needed to find a commercial epoxy resin flooring that would resist the extremely corrosive sulphuric acid that is contained in a forklift battery. Often, epoxy flooring contractors assume chemical resistance is a generic term, but in reality, chemical exposures run the entire array of PH levels. In other words, acetone resistant epoxy would not be a good fit for this warehouse facility. Given our long history, and resulting experiences, we quickly determined that a novolac resin was the correct chemistry.

The Process Provided by the Commercial Flooring Contractor

As an experienced commercial epoxy flooring contractor, we always consult directly with the client to be certain that we are providing the service they are in need of. Additionally, we offer some third party information beyond sharing our experiences with their warehouse epoxy flooring project. This allows our client a level of comfort, knowing High Performance System can provided a detailed explanation with supporting documentation, thus assuring a proper installation.

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forklift charging epoxy flooring

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Once we determined hours of availability for the space, we specified an epoxy resin corrosion resistant novolac chemistry.  

We started by mechanically preparing the substrate in preparation for our new resinous and chemical resistant epoxy flooring system. The substrate profile that was required to meet the manufacturer's specification required special tooling, as the existing concrete was polished and had an extremely hard surface.


Once completed, we then applied two coats of a high quality novolac epoxy coating, and finished it off with an aliphatic urethane line striping within the cure window, allowing the thermal cured resins to weld together, ultimately providing low maintenance safety lines for the client's workplace safety concerns.

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