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A Good Grind and Seal Flooring System Hides a Lot of Unsightliness

Our client's existing concrete floor was in bad shape, and we needed to do extensive concrete resurfacing to eliminate any major voids and rough areas that might cause forklift damage, or even worse, harm a team member. The beauty of doing our patching prior to apply our grind and seal flooring system, is the hiding ability of the new epoxy flooring system. This client chose a steel gray colored epoxy flooring system, to best hide any scuffing or soil spilled on the floor prior to clean up.
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Details on A Machine Shop Grind and Seal Floor Project, Located in New Jersey

This was a 28,000 square foot project for a machine and tool operation located in Hillsborough, NJ. They were entertaining a large public works contract and wanted to impress. This, of course, was beyond the obviously benefits of an improved working space, as well as a grind and seal concrete floor that would eliminate dusting and mitigate any future damage to their concrete floor.

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The Installation Process of This Epoxy Resin Floor

As previously mentioned, we started with identifying and repairing all concrete resurfacing that was required. Once complete, we moved immediately into the mechanical abrasion phase, using our propane diamond grinders with the correct diamond tooling to create the manufacturer's required substrate profile for optimal adhesion.

Once all remediation was complete, we moved onto applying our 100% solid epoxy resin floor, pigmented in the client's color choice, allowing for pigmentation throughout the system, minimizing any concerns for future discoloration.

Finally, we applied our aliphatic urethane topcoat, of the same color to provide increase scratch resistance, as well as retain both sheen and color long term, completing our epoxy resin floor system.

Grind and Seal Flooring is Your Best Option, Where Budget is a Concern

We are very well versed in this resin flooring system, as grind and seal floors are a wonderful option when considering the need and cost associated. For less than the cost of basically any other floor treatment, it will provide substrate protection and workspace enhancement, through better lighting and a safer workplace.

At a cost of typical $1 to $2 per foot, depending on the size of your project, you can revitalize your work area. Concrete resurfacing can only bring good results in employee satisfaction, and just as importantly, finished products for your customers that will be dust free and likely prevent damage to the packages due to spilled loads. Additionally, the color selection is limitless, although if you anticipate heavy traffic that will include dragging loads you may want to consider the clear option, as it does not show any scarring as readily.

For your next grind and seal flooring project, contact us. We would love to create the epoxy flooring system of your dreams, so call today!


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