What is a Grind and Seal Concrete Floor ?

grind and seal flooring

A grind and seal concrete floor is an economical floor coating system. It includes two coats, the first a build coat of epoxy then top coated with a wear coat of urethane to create an economical solution to many of your industrial flooring needs. Typically, it allows for concrete resurfacing to be masked after the completed repairs.

Grind and Seal Flooring is An Economical Solution 

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Grind and seal concrete floors are an economical way to renew your existing substrate. They are most commonly used in warehouse epoxy flooring systems. That said, they can be used anywhere that a space requires a clean and new look. They come in many different colors and typically cost anywhere from 1.50 to 5.00 per square foot with patching included.

Benefits of Grind and Seal Concrete Floors

grind and seal concrete floor

1. Less Expensive

As previously mentioned, this system is designed to renew your space and dustproof your process. A typical cost might range from 1.50 to 5.00 per foot that cost will include mechanical preparation and typical floor repairs to include eroded, spalled and uneven slabs.

2. Quick Installation

These grind and seal epoxy flooring systems typically take from 2 to 4 days creating minimal downtime and an easy to maintain epoxy flooring system.

3. Sealed Surface

This epoxy floor seals the surface making clean up easy. It also provides a dust free workspace as the coating actually saturates the concrete surface. HPS uses thermal cured resins, this is important as during their cure they heat up and penetrate the surface making peeling virtually impossible.

4. High Sheen

Where most concrete polish projects typically range from 6 to 9 dollars. For a fraction of that you can achieve the same appearance. The high sheen of a grind and seal concrete floor creates great light reflexivity and a more positive work environment.

5. Non Slip Texture

One of the best benefits of grind and seal flooring is it's flexibility in terms of non slip texture. You simply tell us your process and we can design the system to meet all your slip and fall concerns.

Urethane Topcoat with the textured additive of the clients' choosing

Get Your Grind and Seal Floor Today

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Don't waste hard earned money on extravagant epoxy flooring systems when the goal does not require the added expense. This system mimics a polished concrete system at a fraction of the cost. We can typically turn your project around quickly and in under 3 days in most cases.