Grind and Seal Concrete Floor

concrete resurfacing

Includes Concrete Repairs

Grind seal flooring is by far the most economical epoxy flooring system available. It is typically used to renew older commercial buildings and make the concrete substrate look refreshed, clean and neat. A good quality epoxy floor contractor should include concrete resurfacing to repair any cracks, holes, and uneven surfaces. The actual epoxy floor includes a high solids thermally cured epoxy coating and also receives an aliphatic urethane to enhance scratch resistance and color retention.

Application of our Grind and Seal Concrete Floor System

grind concrete

Mechanically Abrade Substrate

As in most things, the magic is in the preparation. Here at HPS, we do not use acid etching as it will at best leave a rounded profile making peeling a real possibility. Our process includes using an industrial 800-pound diamond grinder with the correct sanding segments for your concrete floor's hardness. Just as importantly, we use state of an art HEPA vacuum system to keep any dusting to a minimum.

concrete crack repair

Prefill and cracks and voids deeper than 1/2"

This epoxy concrete floor system is designed to achieve our clients' needs while maintaining a budget. We limit our patching to anything deeper than 1/2" in-depth on a typical scope of work. This will keep the epoxy floor cost-effective and the two-coat system will minimize all other voids. The labor involved to eliminate any blemished without going to a thicker, more costly system would negate the savings due to the labor involved in attempting to fill a small crack or void.

grind and seal epoxy floor

Epoxy Base Coat Applied

As previously mentioned, the first or base coat is applied with a flat squeegee and back rolled to create a controlled thickness and even finish. These are thermally cured resins meaning they generate their heat and will weld to a properly prepared concrete substrate. That very process will allow the resin to heat and "flow" into the smaller voids minimizing their appearance.


grind and seal concrete floors

Urethane Topcoat with the textured additive of the clients' choosing

Here is our finished grind and seal epoxy floor system. It represents a very economical and yet provides years of good service. A typical system like this can go as low as 1.50 per square foot( larger than 20,000 square feet to 5.00 per square foot for areas as small as 1,500 to 5,000 square feet. We offer this pricing as a baseline if you have specific or unusual needs it would need to be adjusted. It provides good dust control, and smooth transversing with forklifts as our resurfacing can correct uneven slabs, etc.

Final Thoughts On The Grind and Seal Flooring System

clear epoxy flooring

Here is a clear grind and seal concrete floor system

This picture illustrates the same system is clear. We often suggest using clear where dragging of pallets and where rough service occurs. The clear epoxy flooring system will not show any scarring as readily. 

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