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Grind and Seal Flooring, An Economical Solution for Industrial Floors

Grind and seal flooring is an economical solution to your dust proofing concerns and impeding concrete substrate degradation. While economically it adds real value, it can also lead to a brighter workspace by increasing light reflectivity. 

In addition, it helps to hide any concrete resurfacing that may have been necessary prior to applying your resin flooring. Moreover, the grinding process necessary to create the proper bonding profile also creates a smoother surface, mitigating any wear and tear on your forklift equipment, and maximize scratch resistance.

A Long Lasting Epoxy Resin Floor System

It is not at all uncommon, that our perspective clients suggest they has a price for another contractor cheaper than our number. Upton further questioning, we usually find out the other epoxy contractor is using an acrylic or silicone based sealer, and those products are not designed for the industrial nor commercial marketplace, often wearing off in a matter of months.

The right solution, regardless of which epoxy flooring contractor you may choose, is a thermal cured epoxy resin floor system, as it heats up thin and tends to saturate better, also leaving a much harder finish for wearing.

Grind and Seal flooring Comes In Colors Too

We often suggest a clear epoxy flooring system, as it hides gouging and scratching from forklift loads and dragging nails better. Where that is of minimal importance, pigmented grind and seal epoxy flooring option is an inexpensive solution to cleaning up your workspace while applying the very best in preventative maintenance. The aesthetic affect of concrete resurfacing is a wonderful way to change the overall appearance of your workspace, and often the additional light reflectivity creates a happier work environment. 

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A grind and seal concrete floor is superior to all other options in their price range. Typically, you should expect anywhere from $1.00 to $2.00 per square feet, depending on size of the space, installed on your epoxy flooring cost. While the cheaper, less effective sealer option is not much less, and does not hold up nearly as well.

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Grind and Seal Floors, A Specialty of HPS

Over the years, we have done so many of these grind and seal project projects that we now outfit our team with the very best in HEPA vacuum systems, as well as a series of large diamond grinding machines. These machines are typically propane to avoid bothering our client for electrical hook ups and the dangers associated with the same. 

As a result, of outfitting for these resin floor systems we are extremely efficient, we are confident our work will outperform your expectations at a cost the likely will not be beat.

Give us a call today to discuss your next warehouse epoxy flooring project!

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