Hangar Epoxy Flooring

Overview of a Hangar Epoxy flooring Project

Our client had a 50,000 square foot facility, located in Brooklyn NY, that required an industrial epoxy flooring project completed. They were producers of industrial fasteners, and dust free operations were critical. As always, they also required smooth flowing transverse of the industrial floor to allow for safe and effective transportation of finished goods, not to mention employee safety. The industrial epoxy installer was provided clear and free access, so premium labor costs would be a factor.

Details of Industrial Epoxy Flooring 

As previously mentioned, it was a 50,000 square foot workspace for an aerospace company, manufacturing industrial fasteners. Basically, a resinous coating system once all remediation was completed. A good manufacturing facility epoxy flooring system was necessary to eliminating dusting of product and employee safety as well as concrete resurfacing to allow for a smooth flowing substrate.

The Process of the Industrial Epoxy Floor Contractor

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Professional and experienced epoxy flooring contractors should always initiate the process by meeting with the client to determine their budgetary and functionality requirements. Once they have an understanding of the client's wishes through  conversation that includes, their sharing their needs and our explaining their options for the soon to be industrial epoxy floors to be installed and included concrete repairs.

The industrial epoxy flooring contractor needs to provide a detailed quotation, to include manufacturer's data sheet and preferably a few easy to watch past project videos of similar scopes of work to best illustrate their goals and of course very clear pricing that should encompass the entire project. This process will provide good clarity and avoid the embarrassing conversation about change orders mid project.

Upon commencement, the contractor needs to identify and remove any bad areas in the floor and make repairs of the same, followed by mechanical abrasion of the surface, as spelled out in their previously provided data sheets.

Once completed, they should apply in this instance a good high solids thermal curing epoxy prime coat.The following day, they should apply their aliphatic urethane topcoat that will provide excellent color and sheen retention, as well as enhance scratch resistance.

Industrial Floorings Contractors Need to Know The System for the Right Use

Epoxy flooring contractors should have enough history and experience to quickly identify the right epoxy flooring system, for the right situation. Today's quickly advancing tech world requires a well rounded understanding of the entire array of industrial epoxy floors available, to offer their clients the very best at a price point that makes sense in today's business world.

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