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Overview From The Urethane Cement Flooring Contractor in New Jersey

This a large urethane cement flooring project for a client located Robbinsville, NJ. It contained 115,000 square feet of industrial kitchen flooring. This space is the world's largest Wonton producer from South Korea, named CJ Foods. It was an honor to be selected on this endeavor and we were eager to show off our experience and the level of quality in this project involving industrial epoxy flooring.

Details for the Industrial Epoxy Flooring Project

As previously mentioned, this project involved 115,000 square feet of commercial kitchen flooring. It was located in New Jersey for the world's largest wonton producer. The coordination required working with various other trades, given our organizational system we were in our element and looking forward to showing our client he had the right team for this industrial epoxy flooring project. Now we needed to develop a game plan for executing on this resinous flooring project.

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Industrial Epoxy Floor Installer Process to Develop the Best Flooring System

Once involved in the project, the industrial epoxy flooring installers began the process of determining the correct specification for the soon to be new urethane cement floor.

As we travel the NJ metro area, we sometimes hear epoxy flooring is not good, it has peeled or is too slippery etc. As basic as industrial epoxy flooring may be, there still exists a right and wrong way to proceed with your new flooring system. The best way to achieve success is pursue an experienced industrial epoxy installer

Experience is often sacrificed for economy. while your budget will always be a major consideration, it needs to be balanced to allow for a good experienced mechanic. By the way, assuming a good  epoxy flooring contractor is more costly is not always correct. Experience allows a good contractor to access your circumstances and develop a plan of action that balances quality with economy, their having a lengthy history allows them to select from the past the most successful strategy.  What products are being produced? Are they a wet or dry process? Is it largely foot, cart or forklift traffic? Will this new epoxy flooring system create more scratch resistance? Are they a 24/7 day operation or do they simply work a 5 day shift allowing for projects to be completed without need for premium pay or choosing the cure rate of the resinous flooring system you might select, and the list goes on.

The Challenges Can Cause Epoxy Flooring Contractors Chaos

Dealing with many trades means dealing with many people. Being one of the finish trades, we need to have the coordination of others well organized to avoid damaging the brand new resinous flooring system. This requires assigning our project coordinator to meet and discuss all other trade needs and develop a plan that would keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, many epoxy flooring contractors try to bully their way through, causing nightmares for all. High Performance Systems has learned through many years of installing epoxy flooring systems that there is nothing like team work.

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Fitness of Purpose is Vital Part of Any Industrial Epoxy Flooring Contractor

While an industrial epoxy installer can follow all manufacturers' guidelines and install the perfect flooring system, if it is not designed to meet the client's purpose it will result in a horrible outcome.

Hiring the right epoxy flooring contractor is beneficial, as it is not at all uncommon for a project to be incorrectly specified or maybe the architect or facility manager is working off of a cookie cutter process, which may not apply to your process. At HPS, we are involved with the manufacturer's chemist and with their representatives, and they work hand and hand with us to be sure your floor and our reputation achieve long term success.

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