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Project Overview: Industrial Floor Coatings for LED Light Manufacturer

 Our friends over at Berry Plastics were looking for a tough, durable, and long-lasting flooring system for their new machinery production space. The floor that they had in mind needed to be able to stand up against immense forklift and foot traffic as well as hold up over time against thousands of pounds of machinery and pallets. Our state of the art production epoxy floor system was the perfect solution

Existing Condition: This warehouse epoxy flooring project was completed for an LED light manufacturer in southern New Jersey. Our client needed new flooring for their Production area due to years of abuse it had taken being subjected to housing heavy equipment and machines as well is intense forklift traffic. The previous floor was an old concrete floor that presented a safety hazard to workers as it was chipping and cracking. Not only did our client want an epoxy flooring system to protect the concrete and inventory but he wanted it to stand out, so we created a custom royal blue coating with flakes broadcast into the topcoat

Surface Preparation: The first step was to create a mechanical bond between the resinous material and the substrate, by diamond grinding the concrete to remove surface contaminants.  Next, all voids and cracks were filled with an epoxy Cab-o-sil slurry to create a smooth, even substrate.

Products Installed: Once the surface preparation was completed, the next step was to apply the royal blue epoxy base coat. The material chosen was General Polymers 3569, which is a high solid, multi-purpose epoxy resin. This epoxy resin bonds well because it is not 100% solids so its viscosity allows it to penetrate the pores of the concrete slab to promote chemical adhesion between the base coat and the substrate. Before the base coat could fully cure we applied a light broadcast of vinyl flakes to add the beautiful decorative finish.  After the material cured the floor was inspected for rough areas and blemishes and if any were found they were buffed out.



Finally, a topcoat of Sherwin Williams Rexthane urethane was applied to seal in the flakes and to retain sheen and increase scratch resistance. Sherwin Williams Rexthane is a high solid, moisture cure low VOC urethane with superb impact and abrasion resistance. It is a single component system that is roller and brush applied. Once it cures, the coating has a high gloss and chemical resistance to alkalies, dilute acids, spillage of solvents, chemicals, jet fuel, grease, etc. that is equivalent to two-part urethane coatings.

Conclusion: The end result is a resinous flooring system that is seamless, dust-proof, and attractive. This floor will have enough impact resistance to prevent damage from heavy vehicle traffic and dropped pallets. Also, the topcoat’s sheen retention ensures that this floor will keep looking good for years to come.