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Epoxy Flooring for Food Grade Flooring

Project Overview

HPS can boast it completed the industrial flooring for the largest wonton producer in the world, located in Robbinsville NJ. It involved 115,000 square feet of urethane cement flooring for CJ Foods.

Project Details

Location:  Robbinsville, NJ

Products:  GP Fastop 12S, GP Fastop TC topcoat (high heat areas) and GP 3746 epoxy coating

Project Name:  CJ Foods

Type of Business:  Food Manufacturing

Size/Square Footage:  115,000 sq ft

The Process

Step 1: Mechanically prepare the flooring to meet the product specifications

Step 2:  Install 6" integral radius coving to wall to floor joints

Step 3: Apply 1/4" urethane cement flooring

Step 4: Apply chemical resistant epoxy floor coating for the topcoat


This project was contracted and completed through general contractor, of course this required extreme amounts of time and energy to coordinate and complete in an organized fashion. In addition, we needed to identify the areas that would eventually be exposed to excessive heat and use a different topcoat. Furthermore the owner chose two different colors so we need to identify and apply accordingly.

HPS Solutions

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We called a meeting with the project manager and identified the various areas as well as their purpose. This process allowed us to identify we best to use which color and the appropriate topcoat.

Once we had a clear game plan, we mechanically prepared all surfaced to have our urethane cement flooring system applied, as well as applied all coving.  Ultimately, we applied the proper topcoat and coordinated our efforts with the riggers to install equipment as well as all other trades.

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