Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

Featured Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring Case Studies

This manufacturing facility, located in New Jersey, was in need of a flooring renovation during the COVID-19 shutdown

This project was an existing pharmaceutical facility looking to refit an addition out of their existing storage space

Epoxy Flooring for the Manufacturing Industry

Epoxy flooring for the manufacturing industry can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Knowing when and where to apply the most appropriate resinous system is a vital role your epoxy contractor should assist you with in order to achieve your goals, from a chemical resistance, texture, and wearability standpoint.

Often times, chemical resistance can vary within the same epoxy flooring system. For example, a manufacturing epoxy flooring system may have space for pallets, but what happens to the area where the forklifts are charging at the end of the day? That charging station should be a novolac resin, as its strength is in resisting sulphuric acid, or the acid that batteries use to hold energy.

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Epoxy Flooring is a Good Non Slip Surface

The texture is always important from an employee safety standpoint, and of course safe transportation of palletized materials.  Your wash down areas may need a manufacturing epoxy resin flooring that will hold large aggregates to ensure no slip-and-fall incidences. Maybe another might include "air carpets" that transport products on an air cushion that rely heavily on very smooth flooring. The list is extensive, and loading docks near outside doors will require at minimum a medium texture for wet surfaces.

Wearability is yet another factor that needs to be considered, and a manufacturing epoxy flooring system might include a two coat resinous flooring system to minimize dusting and ultimately contamination of your customer's purchased product. A loading dock typically would want to use a quarter inch mortar system to withstand heavy and constant traffic.

Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Manufacturing facility epoxy flooring has many benefits in terms of not only good housekeeping and optimization of the workspace usage, but it also can function as an aid to assist in organization. For example, an experienced epoxy flooring company can provide insight as to standard procedures for applying line striping and or meeting OSHA requirements on color coordinating for fire extinguishers, gas lines, and various other marking needs.


The benefits to a properly installed warehouse epoxy flooring system are endless, not the least of which is creating better lighting and a more productive workplace.

In closing, we here at High Performance Systems would love the opportunity to discuss all of your manufacturing epoxy flooring needs today. Please do note, we have a passion for our trade, as an experienced commercial epoxy contractor. Give us a call today to see if we can meet your company's needs!