Manufacturing Facility Epoxy Flooring

Overview with the Commercial Epoxy Flooring Contractor

This project was an existing pharmaceutical facility looking to refit an addition out of their existing storage space. The client was kind enough to provide a new concrete floor for our new epoxy flooring system. We were chosen as their manufacturing facility epoxy flooring company of choice, based on our economical design and ability to provide a quick turnaround getting them into production as promptly as possible.

Challenges of a Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring Project

After many years of working in meticulous facilities, we are well versed in exceeding the client's needs. On this project, that task was more pertinent than usual, as they were producing generic pharmaceutical products. Once all contamination and safety issues were addressed, we began the installation of the manufacturing facility epoxy flooring system.


The process began with mechanically preparing the substrate to, at minimum, meet the manufacturer specifications, ensuring long lasting bond of the new epoxy flooring system. Once completed, we then applied our urethane cement flooring while applying the batter-like resinous floor we

broadcast to excess, basically burying the slurry, using a previously determined texture, by way of

aggregate coarseness.

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Finally, we returned to next day to remove all excessive aggregate and smooth out any rough

areas, prior to applying our chemical resistant topcoat.

Why an Experienced Commercial Epoxy Contractor Matters


An experienced commercial epoxy contractor truly matters, as the benefit of history cannot be written about as well as seeing it with your own eyes.


Manufacturing epoxy resin flooring can come in many varieties, for example it may be foot, cart or

forklift traffic, or some other combination. Some will require chemical resistance to protect against raw materials and finished product spillage.


Possibly the most important thing to determine is what is the right texture for your given circumstance will be. With many years of experience, history can greatly help in that decision.


Other factors might include things such as determining the ambient temperature of a workspace, or whether or not this will be a food-grade facility

Concluding Another Successful Resinous Flooring Project

Our passion and family pride is what sets High Performance Systems apart from the

competition. Our vast experience and long history has allowed us to experience a good majority

of the nuisances from various workplaces. A good commercial epoxy contractor, needs to have a strong knowledge base to ensure you the very best available in today's ever-growing technological world.


We encourage you to invite us for a site visit for a no hassle, no high pressure evaluation of your facility. Even if you don't have an immediate need for manufacturing epoxy flooring, it is always beneficial for a facility manager to be knowledgeable of what we can provide. At HPS we do not believe in the high pressure approach, we just want to be able to beautify your space. Give us a call, even just to chat about your needs, today!