Metallic Epoxy Floor

 Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Project Overview

This was a large high end grocery store located in South Jersey. The client had purchased the existing space and was converting an older chain grocery store. They were looking for a new cutting edge epoxy flooring system that matched their concept.

Project Details

Location:  South Jersey

Type of Business:  Grocery store

Size/Square Footage:  18,000 sq ft

Products:  GP 3555 and GP Metallic Flooring System

The Process

Step 1:  Demo and remove any delaminated flooring

Step 2:  Mechanically prepare surface to allow for a good glue line

Step 3:  Apply elastomeric flooring system

Step 4:  Apply metallic epoxy flooring system


The overall space was approximately 18,000 square feet, of that, footage half was a wood floor and the other was concrete. This caused an issue because of the varying expansion coefficient of the two materials. So we needed to devise a resin flooring system that would allow for this condition. In addition, the client wanted a decorative flooring option to best display their new modern look.

HPS Solutions

Primarily we needed to address the varied substrate issue, and this was achieved by sanding the wood surfaces and grinding the concrete substrate. Once completed, we then patched all deviations and voids in the flooring to create a smooth palette for our new resin flooring system.



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We then applied 20 mils of an elastomeric membrane coating to absorb the expansion and equalize its effects. 

Finally we installed a beautifully new decorative metallic epoxy flooring system. If you ever find your in need of creating a new look in your facility give us a call to discuss the may options we have to offer.