Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Completed for a Day Care Center in NJ

This project was located in Hoboken, NJ, involving removing and replacing their existing vinyl flooring system with a metallic epoxy floor. The client's main focus was to create a flooring surface that would allow for a thorough cleaning, as well as easy maintenance. This commercial epoxy flooring system was ideal to meet our customer's needs.

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The Installation Process for This Decorative Epoxy Flooring System

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Resinous flooring provides many strengths for the child care industry. It is an impervious surface, not allowing any contaminates to saturate, and seamless, making cleaning fast and easy. Decorative epoxy flooring comes in many shapes and sizes, and this client chose our metallic epoxy floor system for its smooth texture.

As an epoxy flooring contractor, we always enjoy an epoxy flooring system that is unique, and this one is certainly qualified.

We started by removing the existing old LVT flooring system and patching any divots and voids that would affect our finished epoxy flooring system.

Upon completion, we proceeded into the preparation phase which included, not only mechanically abrasion of the surface, but also applying an elastomeric membrane which eliminated any concerns of flex in the subfloor.

Once all the remediation work was completed, we moved forward on our metallic epoxy floor installation, which our client had selected from the samples we had previously provided.

metallic epoxy flooring

The Benefits of Seamless Flooring Over Other Systems

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Seamless flooring has become the preferred floor of choice when low maintenance and ROI are a priority, as properly installed epoxy flooring will last for many years to come.
One of its best features is its versatility, whether the random marble look of metallic epoxy floors, the beautiful elegance of an epoxy flake flooring system, or, the always popular quartz epoxy flooring system. All three applications allow for the client to custom blend their look, whether to match company colors or even add a logo that illustrates our client's pride in their operations.

HPS Offers Guidance on the Metallic Epoxy Flooring of Your Choice

What are the different types of decorative epoxy flooring, you ask? Over the years we have installed a lot of them and always enjoy expanding on a customer's envisioned new decorative epoxy flooring system. Work doesn't have to be work when you love what you do! From metallic epoxy floors to epoxy flake floors to a quartz epoxy flooring system, we enjoy creating a masterpiece based on the client's desires.

It's always exciting to see the client's reaction upon completion, so we hope to excite you with your next decorative epoxy flooring project! Call today!