Metallic Epoxy Flooring NJ

Project Overview: Metallic Epoxy Flooring 

Existing Conditions: The owners of this facility had applied an epoxy coating themselves from a big-box retailer and the floor was failing almost immediately. 

Preparation of existing condition: This particular coating was peeling from hot tire traffic and general use. Using diamond grinders, we removed the coating and created a mechanical profile for the new floor to bond to. After the prep was completed, the floor was cleaned and we began to apply the primer.

Products Installed: The primer for this metallic epoxy flooring NJ system is pigmented black to add to the overall look of the finished floor. The primer coat is allowed to dry and then the base coat application begins. This floor was done in two colors, Titanium with a Nimbus accent. The two colors are put down simultaneously and then randomly swirled and rolled together to create different effects. Once the material is applied, the pigments disperse on their own and the final look of the floor begins to take shape. After the base coat cures out, a urethane topcoat is applied. This urethane topcoat gives the floor added scratch and abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and resistance to yellowing from UV light.

Conclusion: In the end, our client couldn't have been more happy with their custom made metallic epoxy flooring system. At HPS you can design a metallic using any number of different colors and application techniques to create the desired effect you have in mind. 

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