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Overview of a Metallic Epoxy Flooring Project

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This project, located in southern New Jersey, was a large private specialty supermarket that needed an exciting and innovative look to wow their future new client base. The customer asked for us to offer various epoxy flooring costs and designs to review, and we helped them to select the right epoxy flooring system and decided on a metallic floor system.

Project Details for the New Metallic Epoxy Flooring

This installation was in an 18,000 square foot space, and the client was wrestling with design aspects and costs. We started the decision-making process by offering budgetary square foot pricing, while providing physical samples, along with videos of epoxy flooring projects, as well as locations the customer would be able to travel to conveniently. This metallic epoxy floor project was located in Middletown, NJ.


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After much discussion and research, the client decided on a metallic epoxy floor system. It is a wonderfully exotic floor type, as it is an economical simulation of a marble substrate.  Of course, every project has its twists, and this one was no different, as half of the footage had a wooden substrate and the balance of the floor was concrete. This was a concern, as the two materials have different expansion coefficients, requiring an elastomeric on the wood surface to even out the expansion concerns.

Challenges of an Epoxy Flooring Contractor

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As a metallic floor contractor, we look forward to and expect various nuances to each job and that is why our years of experience in installing concrete epoxy flooring systems are so valuable. The unusual twist on this project was that the existing space was comprised of two different substrates; half concrete and half marine grade plywood. 


We did instruct the client's assistant to apply two layers of 5/8" marine-grade plywood. The first layer was applied north to south, and the second east to west, being careful to glue and screw thoroughly assuring no flex. Once completed, we then arrived to apply an elastomeric band-aid to all seams and fill any screw holes created by the new and sound flooring material.

Finally, we overlaid the entire space, using an elastomeric membrane to create a smooth and even palette for the new decorative epoxy flooring system.

The Process to Install the Decorative Epoxy Resin Floor

Once the flexible underlayment had cured, we then went in and applied our metallic epoxy flooring system, including a previously specified aliphatic urethane coating. In 2020, we went back to visit our client and the floor still looked brand new!

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HPS Solutions to A Client's Epoxy Flooring Needs

Here at HPS, we listen to what the customer is asking for and determine what epoxy flooring system might best serve their needs. As an independent epoxy flooring contractor, we have a huge advantage over most of the competition, as our free customized design and specification services are not hindered by the manufacturer's preference. Our only preference is meeting, if not exceeding, our client's needs.

Please do not hesitate to drop us a line, as we truly enjoy our profession and would love to offer you a no-hassle consultation, as we know that treating our clients well and attention to detail eventually benefits us both. Give us a call today!