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Are Epoxy Floors Scratch Resistant?

Updated: Jul 2

Regardless of your industry, finding a flooring system that can withstand daily operations is crucial. Wondering whether your floor will tear, scratch, or not be able to withstand your environment just isn’t an option.

If durability is your worry, then installing an epoxy floor may be the best solution for you and your facility.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floor coatings are created by mixing a resin and a hardener, and then applying that mixture to a concrete slab.

This mixture can be applied to the concrete in multiple layers, thus making the coating thicker and allowing it to become more durable and scratch-resistant.

Is Epoxy Durable?

Epoxy floors are some of the hardest and most durable industrial floors on the market. That being said, they can still scratch, cut, or gouge if enough force is applied.

This is why it is imperative you place padding beneath any objects that are supporting a heavyweight on the epoxy coating. This will ensure that your epoxy does not get cracked or scratched as easily.

Bioflake Epoxy Flooring

Found in airport hangars, fire departments, and hospitals, epoxy floors can withstand very heavy loads of machinery sitting upon them without denting or scratching. Typical epoxy floors have strength of more than 10,000 psi.

If you feel you need an even stronger floor, there are also additional topcoat urethane coatings that make the surface even harder for environments that require more abrasion resistance.

Can Epoxy Handle High Impact?

Epoxy floors can sustain not only heavy traffic and heavy loads, but also heavy impact. Whether workers are dropping materials or dragging equipment, epoxy floors can endure high impact and are tough to scratch, dent, or damage.

While, of course, care should be taken with the flooring in order to ensure it lasts for years, the flooring can also take what you’ll bring it. If you do notice a dent or scratch, it is better to deal with it immediately rather than see it get worse.

To learn more about this topic check out my blog posts “How do you clean and maintain epoxy floors?

With all of this in mind, the best way to have a long-lasting epoxy floor is to get an industrial flooring expert with substantial experience to specify the right floor for your facility.


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