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The Best Places To Install Epoxy Flooring

Updated: Oct 7

Epoxy flooring is one of the most reliable flooring options for commercial facilities. It has many qualities that are beneficial to warehouses and industrial spaces. But epoxy flooring is not suitable for all spaces, and some facilities might benefit from other flooring options.

So, where are the best places to install industrial epoxy flooring?

warehouse epoxy flooring

Warehouses and Industrial Facilities Need Epoxy Flooring

Due to the specific attributes of concrete epoxy flooring, such as its slip-resistant qualities and easy maintenance, warehouses benefit exponentially from having epoxy flooring in their facilities.

Warehouse facilities oftentimes use a variety of machinery that are not typically used in other commercial buildings, such as forklift trucks, and the flooring inside these warehouses needs to be tough and reliable.

An epoxy resin floor also provides unparalleled worker safety, by allowing the option to add traffic patterns and markers directly to the floor. This offers an added advantage, and minimizes the risk of accidents for workers and less risk for damaging machinery.

Dust accumulation is also a major risk that can be found in warehouses, and it can be detrimental to the health of employees, and also cause machines to break down. Epoxy flooring solves this issue by providing a surface that is durable and easily cleanable.

Some similar examples of places where urethane cement flooring can be installed include distribution centers, fulfillment centers, car dealerships, showrooms, repair shops, service areas, parking garages and all spaces that see vehicle traffic.

commercial kitchen flooring

Commercial Kitchens Flooring

Commercial kitchens would benefit immensely from epoxy flooring. This is due to the fact

that epoxy flooring is thermal shock resistant, which allows for extremely high and low temperature exposure.

Additionally, epoxy floors are naturally seamless, meaning that they do not have grout lines and other crevices that could potentially contain harmful bacteria, such as Listeria. Along these same lines, epoxy flooring can also be anti-microbial, making them the most food-safe option.

Epoxy floors can also be made in a variety of customized textures for both wet and dry processes, which provides a safe and sanitary flooring system for the commercial kitchen.

food and beverage epoxy flooring

Food and Beverage Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors offer benefits to food and beverage facilities that cannot be found with other flooring systems.

Similar to commercial kitchens, these facilities must adhere to safety standards, and epoxy floors help to maintain a clean and safe work environment. The integrated cove base of epoxy floors also help to create easy to clean and seamless flooring systems for these spaces.

Additionally, epoxy floors are also impact-resistant, creating a durable flooring system for machinery associated with food and beverage storage and transportation.

Epoxy flooring systems can also be made chemical resistant to include CIP/SIP process, distillation and brewery byproducts, and a full spectrum of chemical exposures. This is something to consider based on what type of facility is being operated.

Some of the best examples of food and beverage facilities that would benefit from epoxy floors include breweries, wineries, dairy, meat, and seafood facilities, distilleries, cannabis grow rooms, and industrial hemp facilities.

retail epoxy flooring
Retail Epoxy Flooring

Many retail facilities would be improved by the addition of an epoxy flooring system. Epoxy floors are low maintenance and can be installed by an epoxy flooring contractor quickly for a fast turnaround. This ensures that shops don’t need to close their doors for long periods of time to install epoxy flooring.

Retail spaces can also benefit from the slip-resistant qualities of epoxy, because it makes

for a safer environment for employees and customers. Many retail spaces have high foot traffic, and the fact that epoxy flooring is also abrasion resistant makes them the ideal choice.

Custom designed seamless epoxy flooring can also be installed for all retail spaces. Many commercial epoxy flooring contractors, including High Performance Systems, offer and design unlimited color options and aesthetics to make your space pop.

Additionally, High Performance Systems can also add your logo directly to the epoxy floor, which creates a unique and fun flooring option for your space.

Retail spaces that would benefit from epoxy flooring includes retail showrooms, schools, salons, gyms, locker rooms, and more.


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