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Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Paterson NJ

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We installed a commercial epoxy floor system in Paterson NJ for an Auto Alarm concern. They wanted to enhance the appearance of the newly rented garage space. We went with a coating system to include line striping and their company logo.

Progress of a Commercial Epoxy Flooring System

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This photo depicts the space we were looking to give an extensive facelift. We specified a three-coat resinous system so that it would help with high traffic wear and oil spills. In addition, the client wanted to add lines and impregnate their logo to give their new shop some "wow" appeal.

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This application started with mechanical abrasion of the concrete floor in preparation for our new epoxy flooring system. It was important to degrease any oil stains and other bond inhibitors to ensure long-term adhesion and increase the potential impact from dropping tools etc.

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This picture was taken after we applied our epoxy primer this coat provides good saturation of the substrate as it is thin-bodied and heats up during the curing process making the two inseparable.

Then followed with a squeegee applied high solid epoxy coating and finally an aliphatic urethane to create a long-lasting sheen that would increase scratch resistance.

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With the client's guidance, we then laid out the line striping and coated it with yet another coat of urethane being careful to apply well within the cure window of the previous coat. This is an important factor as this would result in the two thermal cured coatings to weld together and become one.

The Finished Commercial Epoxy Floor Project

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This flooring project was completed during the client's shutdown avoiding any costly loss of business. High Performance Systems takes a lot of pride in meeting our client's timeline and creating their vision. As an independent epoxy flooring contractor, clients we have the advantage of specifying and designing our clients' needs. Give us a call today to discuss your next commercial epoxy floor project.


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