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A Commercial Kitchen Floor Project in Somerset NJ

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This project was for the research facility for Rutgers University at their Somerset NJ location. Since it was a dry process we went with an epoxy flooring system. This will provide higher impact resistance and keep the cost down.

Details of the Epoxy Flooring Project at Rutgers

The preexisting flooring system had failed at the joints and various areas where structural cracking had presented itself. To remedy these concerns we fill the random cracks using an epoxy putty material to bridge the crevice. After curing we then sanded the patching so that it would not show through the finished epoxy flooring system.

commercial kitchen floor

Determining and Specifying the Correct Chemical Resistance

Part of our services includes assessing what products to include cleanser this new floor might be exposed to. After discussing with our client and reviewing whatever MSDSs were available we were able to identify all bad actors and concluded standard epoxy and aliphatic coatings would best address any concerns.

wash down epoxy flooring

Containing Wash Down Area in the Commercial Kitchen Floor

While the space was largely used for packaging and other dry processes the client required an area for equipment clean up. This photo depicts the 4"x$' curb installed by keying in the existing substrate and pouring engineered concrete.

The fill material was specific to resinous flooring as trapping moisture would have caused a coating failure.

Completion of a Commercial Kitchen Floor

After all our remedial work was complete we then applied an 8-10 mil coating of a good quality high solids epoxy. After the new coating was cured, we walked the entire space being careful to note and repair any oversights as the final coat will be for color retention and sheen and would not serve well to hide any blemishes.

Finally, we applied our topcoat of a good quality aliphatic urethane to complete our commercial kitchen floor.


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