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Why is Commercial Kitchen Flooring Important?

Updated: Oct 5

The proper commercial kitchen flooring is vital to the long term well being of any food and beverage concern. One of the major bad acting bacteria's is Listeria. Listeria is a kind of bacteria that is found in water, as well as beef and poultry. When eaten, Listeria causes a very serious illness called listeriosis. Listeriosis is one of the most serious types of food poisoning.

commercial kitchen flooring

An Experience Commercial Kitchen Flooring Contractor

As an experienced commercial kitchen floor contractor, our years of reviewing both installing, as well as, reviewing food grade epoxy flooring system and their shortcomings when not maintained, we have virtually all, if not most real time experience helping us ensure our clientele there in good hands. For instance, we know 90 degree corners are common place to harbor bacteria. This knowledge confirms our need for radius cove base in all corners, of course it must be tapered to the floor elevation allowing the finished urethane cement flooring system to create a seamless bathtub like appearance. Of course, prior to your resinous flooring installation you will want to flood test the substrate, meaning hosed down and allow the fluids to flow to your floor drains, the remaining puddles will clearly identify your trouble areas to be patched prior to installing your commercial kitchen floor.

commercial kitchen flooring

Preparation of a Commercial Kitchen Flooring System

As previously mentioned, our vast experience with epoxy flooring systems, or more commonly urethane cement flooring system allows us the foresight to address problems before they occur.

Making sure the existing substrate is patch and prepared to a consistent profile gives us a good starting point. Additionally, masking out cove base heights, and not using terrazzo strips that will be a weak spot for a liquid tight seal, this will allow for a clean and uniform height throughout. Once we have created a sure starting point, we proceed into the preparation phase of the substrate being careful to a maintain the profile meeting the manufacturer's specifications. Immediately followed by a thorough cleaning to remove any loose concrete dust and any other loose particle that might inhibit our food and beverage floor. The preferred resinous flooring chemistry for food grade flooring is urethane cement, as it excels in thermal shock or retains a similar expansion coefficient as that of concrete. That is important as industrial kitchen floors will be exposed to a constant hot, cold wet and dry allowing the new flooring system to expand and contract with the concrete substrate minimizing any concerns for peeling or coming loose.

commercial kitchen flooring

Installation of the Urethane Cement Kitchen Flooring

Once all remediation work s is complete the preparation and installation phase begins. As a professional epoxy flooring contractor, it is vital that we abide by all manufacturer's specifications to include surface profile. This is achieved through mechanical abrasion to create a solid glue line the actual profile is determined by specifications sent with the quotation so we can keep our client in the know.

Once surface preparation is complete we install the previously agreed upon cove base height and install the food and beverage coving to eliminate the 90 degree corners from wall to floor. Thereafter, we apply our urethane cement slurry to the specified thickness, followed by broadcasting to excess the desire aggregate. This phase is what determines the final non skid texture as discuss with client as a part of the project walkthrough and our understanding of the fitness of purpose. Once cured, we then remove any excess aggregate to expose our resinous flooring base. Finally we apply our chemical resistant topcoat creating an resinous flooring system that will last the test of time.

Why HPS Should be your Commercial Kitchen Flooring Contractor

While we have been at this profession for over thirty years, in 2019 we were the largest purchasers of urethane cement slurry products on the open shop market. Our long and vast experiences allow us to best anticipate any particular issues with your project specifically. This helps avoid and short or long term issues, hence ensuring a successful installation backed by one of the leaders in the industry. Give us a call today to discuss how we might be able help you with your next commercial kitchen flooring project.

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