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Why an Expert Commercial Kitchen Flooring Contractor Matters

Updated: Apr 17

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring Contractors:

Why quality and experience matter in the commercial kitchen flooring contractor world…

There are countless considerations that are put into the investment of having a seamless commercial kitchen floor installed. The one often looked at is cost, however the biggest factor we have seen in the commercial kitchen industry is time and quality of workmanship.

I know, this sounds cliché but think about how the above two factors have a ripple effect on your business. Kitchens, both restaurants and catering halls have repeat customers and contract clients that are some of the costliest relationships to gain. We work tirelessly to create loyalty among our regulars and having an unannounced kitchen shut down can foil the closest of relationships.

An Expert epoxy Flooring Contractor Can Provide A Project in Your Budget

Now compound the issue of crossing a bridge into investing money, time and operational changes for a seamless floor. The last thing that any business wants is the burden of having an installation failure and having to schedule a return visit with that contractor. It may seem as if I am building a case of gloom and doom where seamless flooring in the commercial kitchen market is concerned but that is not the case.

At High Performance Systems, we have been determined since day one to provide our customers with the best value through a methodical approach of checking every box and walking our client through the entire process.

· Radial cove base: eliminating corners at wall to floor joints to ensure water doesn’t collect in the corners

· Pitch to drains when possible to create flow of water to drains and eliminate low spots

· High-temperature tolerant: to allow heat exchange on cook lines

· Chemical resistant to oils and lactic acids: to ensure the system topcoat doesn’t breakdown from chemical attack

· Slip resistant and cleanable: to ensure employee safety and quick wash downs

These are just a few necessary questions to ensure our clients are receiving the best value and understand our process for creating the ideal commercial kitchen floor. Beyond the above we have worked with the leading manufactures of seamless flooring products to provide our clients with the best finish products.

Let the commercial epoxy flooring contractors design your epoxy flooring system

Polyaspartics and urethane cements offer fast tracked installations and eliminate the need to shut down your process. All while providing your kitchen protection from the typically encountered traffic and uses. Both products can withstand elevated temperatures and even thermal cycling. Thermal cycling is the dramatic temperature changes of hot and cold. To go further, Polyaspartics are ready for use in as little as one-hour from finishing the last brush stroke of an application. This means little to no waiting for your floor to be ready for full service or use.

On a final note, we have found an alarming amount of epoxy being used in the commercial kitchen market. It is important to note that epoxies have there place in seamless flooring industry but not in a kitchen atmosphere. Epoxy cannot withstand the hot oil and lactic acids introduced on a daily basis within any kitchen. Over the course of 12-18 months we have seen countless epoxy topcoats degrade and show signs of chemical attack. In these instances a full floor system typically isn’t necessary to get things back to new but it will require the installation of a higher caliber topcoat.

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In closing, we recommend taking your time in making the decision to have a seamless commercial kitchen flooring contractor install your seamless floor. Review the products proposed and the exact timeline of installation. Develop your own timeline, days of installation and how you and your seamless flooring contract can make your seamless floor shine for years to come.

The Smedley Family literally puts their blood and soul in every project

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If you need help with design and installation of your flooring system, make sure to contact us to get started and we will do a free assessment of your floor plan.