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Cracking the Code: How SQF Auditors Grade Commercial Kitchen Resin Floors

SQF (Safe Quality Food) auditors evaluate and score commercial kitchen resin floors based on a set of criteria to ensure that they meet food safety and sanitation requirements. The scoring system is used to determine the level of compliance with the SQF standard and to identify any areas of concern that need to be addressed.

commercial kitchen resin floors


One of the main criteria that SQF auditors use to evaluate commercial kitchen resin floors is cleanliness. The floors should be free from dirt, dust, debris, and any other foreign materials that could potentially contaminate the food products. Floors that are difficult to clean or maintain will receive a lower score.


Commercial kitchen resin floors must be durable and resistant to damage from heavy foot traffic, equipment, and spills. Floors that are prone to cracks, chips, or other types of damage will receive a lower score.

Non-Slip Surface

Resin floors must provide a non-slip surface to prevent slip and fall accidents in the kitchen. The floors should have a textured surface that provides adequate traction, even when wet. Floors that are slippery or hazardous will receive a lower scor


SQF auditors also evaluate the maintenance of the resin floors in commercial kitchens. Floors that are well-maintained and regularly cleaned will receive a higher score than floors that are neglected or poorly maintained.


Lastly, the installation of resin floors is also evaluated by SQF auditors. Floors that are installed correctly and to the proper specifications will receive a higher score than floors that are installed incorrectly or poorly.

commercial kitchen resin floors

In conclusion, SQF auditors score commercial kitchen resin floors based on criteria that include cleanliness, durability, non-slip surface, maintenance, and installation. It is essential for commercial kitchens to maintain their resin floors to meet the SQF standard and ensure food safety and sanitation. By adhering to these criteria, commercial kitchens can provide a safe and healthy environment for their customers and employees.

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