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How Downtime Negatively Affects Businesses

Updated: Nov 4

The most important thing to consider when deciding whether to install a epoxy resin flooring system is how long you will have to close your facility to complete the installation.

Downtime, or the number of hours or days that your facility will be closed for installation, can have a very negative impact on your business. The issues vary in length and severity and can range from lost revenue to a halt in the production process.

So, if you want to upgrade your concrete epoxy flooring system, how can you do it with the shortest amount of downtime?

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Downtime can lead to lost revenue, which can have a serious impact on a business.

When businesses close, even temporarily, the closure can leave customers having to find other businesses to frequent, or it can even make some customers upset that they are being inconvenienced. This is especially true if no prior warning is given.

Lost revenue, even in small amounts, can have a ripple effect that leads to other losses, and can ultimately lead to permanent company closures.

For example, if you own a restaurant and you have to close your doors for several days, or weeks, in order to install a new concrete epoxy floor you risk losing all of those customers for good.

Even if the closure is temporary, closing your business gives your customers the chance to try other restaurants, instead of going to yours, and they may wind up liking those better.

This is why downtime should be kept as little as possible, and if possible, you should find a resinous flooring expert who can install your floor during hours when your business is closed.

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Prepare Your Business Prior To An Epoxy Floor Installation

Having a closure plan, or a plan to temporarily halt production is an important step to complete prior to installing your new flooring system.

Preparation plans can include notifying customers of your temporary closure and ensuring them that your business will reopen within the next few hours, or the next few business days. Making an announcement such as this can help your customers prepare for any inconvenience that your business closure may cause.

This is especially important if you provide a product or service that is important to the daily lives of your customers, such as if you run a coffee shop or restaurant that is frequently populated.

Other preventative measures that can be taken include notifying employees of your facility that the space will be closed for a specific amount of time and that they should not come into work that day.

Closing your doors, even temporarily, without notifying your employees can cause confusion, especially if your employees make money through tips.

It is also important to prepare any food or beverage products that you may be using prior to installation, especially foods that need to remain refrigerated or frozen. If your facility needs to be closed for several days it is important that all of your products are properly labeled and stored so that they do not go bad.

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Hire An Expert Resinous Flooring Contractor

Hiring a concrete epoxy installer to assess your project and install your flooring system will help to keep your company’s downtime as low as possible.

Experts in this field are well aware of the time it takes to prepare and install a flooring system, and they can discuss ways to lessen the amount of time you will need to close your doors or stop production during the installation process.

Many times, companies such as High Performance Systems Corporation can complete your project during a time of day when your business is closed, or they can accommodate your needs by installing the floor overnight.

Finding an epoxy flooring contractor who can work with you in order to ensure that your downtime and profit loss is minimal can make all the difference.

On the other hand, if you decide to take matters into your own hands and attempt to install your flooring system yourself, you risk running into problems and causing a prolonged period of time where your business needs to be closed for renovations.


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