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Dustproofing Concrete Epoxy Flooring Increases Workplace Safety

Updated: Oct 8

That dust collecting in your warehouse may seem harmless, but it can pose a huge workplace safety hazard. Dust can make even simple warehouse operations dangerous for managers and staff.

Not only can dust be slippery, it can also cause health risks due to employees breathing it in, which may leave your company liable.

Dust also poses a hazard to equipment, such as forklifts, as it can enter and damage the internal electronics.

At the minimum, dust is simply an eyesore that can make your warehouse look dirty and unkempt. Doing a simple online search of "warehouse flooring companies near me" can yield hundreds of options, but epoxy floors prove to be the best for warehouse for a variety of reasons.

dustproof epoxy flooring

How Does Dust Accumulate within Warehouse Flooring Settings?

There are two ways a warehouse accumulates dust. Normal dust accumulation happens naturally, and it can be dealt with the same way you would deal with dust in your house, by sweeping and mopping. Some floors can make a cleaning operation more efficient and effective but there is no way to prevent this sort of natural dust collection.

The more nefarious accumulation of dust is known as “concrete dusting”. This phenomenon occurs when heavy traffic operations, typical of most warehouses, happens over untreated concrete. This dust is actually a fine concrete powder that gets continually released into the air.

Concrete dusting is linked to a number of health problems and can very easily accumulate on products in storage. Keep reading to learn more about the numerous benefits of warehouse epoxy flooring.

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Preventing Concrete Dusting through Epoxy Flooring

The only way to prevent concrete dusting from becoming a hazard in a warehouse is to seal the warehouse concrete flooring with an impervious coating. Epoxy coatings are especially effective in high traffic areas that need to withstand the daily wear-and-tear that goes on in warehouses.

They also have the added benefit of indicating walkway and dangerous areas using different coloring pigments, as dictated by OSHA guidelines.

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The Benefit of Epoxy Coatings for Warehouse Floors

Warehouse epoxy flooring not only prevents concrete dusting, they also help remove normal dust accumulation by providing seamless, moisture resistant systems that simplify and improve the efficiency of cleaning operations.

Warehouse resin flooring also provides excellent slip resistance, which increases workers’ safety when some dust does accumulate.

Dust proofing is just one factor, although it is an extremely important one, when deciding the right floor for your warehouse. To learn more about flooring options for your warehouse check out one of our top blogs about the best warehouse resin epoxy floor company.


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