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Epoxy Floor Coverings in Lakewood NJ

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epoxy flooring coverings nj

This project involved 25,000 sq. ft. of epoxy flooring coverings located in Lakewood NJ. The client distributed computer printers and needed a dust-free workspace that would also be smooth and easy to traverse. We were fortunate to be selected as their warehouse epoxy floor coating company.

concrete floor

The substrate was covered in cement tile adhesive and poorly applied concrete resurfacing material. We mechanically abraded the floor to expose the original substrate.

diamond grind concrete

Here is the floor after removing all of the adhesives and any other bond inhibitors. We use state of the art vacuum systems that keeps any dust to a minimum. Once all loose debris and dust are removed we will move on to the patching of the substrate.

Here is the patching of the concrete floor. This patching material consisted of epoxy resins and finely crushed stone this will allow for repairs without leaving a thick build-up on the floor that would result in "lumps" on the finished floor

epoxy prime coat

This epoxy flooring system required the use of an epoxy primer. It differs from typical resinous coatings in that it is a very thin-bodied coating that will allow for good penetration of the concrete.

The picture below best illustrates our epoxy floor covering in New Jersey. This system entailed an epoxy coating, followed by a base coat of high solids epoxy and a light broadcast of aggregate to create a nonslip texture.

Finally, our epoxy flooring was topcoat using an aliphatic urethane topcoat to increase scratch resistance as well as retain color long term.

epoxy floor coverings


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