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Epoxy Flooring in Hawthorne NJ

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epoxy flake floor

This project was a decorative epoxy flooring system in Hawthorne NJ. The space was approximately 5,000 square feet with an existing old resinous floor system. The client wanted a natural look so we specified an epoxy flake floor with natural color chips.

old epoxy floor

This picture depicts the existing floor prior to our commencement. This project is going to require extensive grinding to get the required profile to ensure a long-lasting epoxy floor system.

In addition, once abraded we expect some cracks and "divot" filling to be sure our finished resinous floor is consistent and even.

diamond grinding concrete

As you can see the previous flooring system was removed thoroughly and ready for any remediation work to create a smooth surface.

Our objective was to achieve at minimum a CSP 10 profile as per the manufacturer's specifications.

crack repairs

Once we had the space ground and vacuumed we then identified any and all filling of voids using an epoxy paste to fill the void while leaving minimal resin at the surface that might affect the finished look of our new decorative epoxy floor.

epoxy floor nj

Epoxy floors come in many colors and finished looks. After consulting with the client we heard their vision and completed this natural-looking epoxy floor system in under 4 days. They were thrilled with the outcome and even happier that we used state-of-the-art vacuum systems to not soil the surrounding areas.


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