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Epoxy Flooring In NJ Is Exploding In Popularity

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In the New Jersey industrial market, the epoxy flooring industry is at all time highs. Even with the current COVID-19 pandemic the warehousing market is in a boom, while most commercial real estate markets are struggling the warehousing end of the market is expanding like never before.

As a result epoxy flooring contractors in NJ are going crazy to keep up with the demand, with clients looking to either repurpose their space or expand the warehouse capabilities that typically include the upgraded epoxy flooring to mitigate any dusting or damage to unprotected joints just to name a few.

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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring in New Jersey

Warehouse epoxy flooring contractors are performing concrete resurfacing projects like never before.

With all the stay at home markets, none may be stronger than the fulfillment industry. With real estate investors investing millions into their properties resurfacing concrete for their new space only makes sense. The benefits of a well maintain flooring system are endless to include; minimal dusting of products, mitigate any spilling of product by way of pot holes and uneven floor elevations. Epoxy Flooring in NJ is particularly strong in that it is far cheaper than the NYC market and yet still convenient for logistical reasons.

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A Reputable Epoxy Flooring Contractor in NJ

Warehouse resin flooring in NJ while quite common can be an expense, that obviously, any good businessperson does not want to have any problems with its application and also should expect many years of good service.

It is imperative that you should do the upfront work of determining the epoxy flooring contractor's experience and reputation. See if they can provide videos of like projects, as well as references from past customers preferably from projects completed over a year ago, as all epoxy resin flooring systems look even and shiny immediately upon completion. Confirm all of your insurance requirements are met and their policies are current.

Finally, do not hesitate to request a physical sample be applied to your substrate to avoid any misconceptions of the finished epoxy flooring.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Is Also Growing

With society's renewed focus of good food safety standards the food safety flooring market, while always a mandatory requirement has taken on a higher priority for the consumers peace of mind.

Commercial kitchen flooring, is essential in the mitigation of any bacterial concerns. Any food safety epoxy flooring should include radius coving at all of the wall to floor joints to eliminate any pooling of liquids that might harbor bad contaminates that can cause serious consequence, especially to those that have questionable health conditions to start with. You should be careful to use the same diligence as previously mention as nothing is more costly than to have to shut down your production for substrate repairs.

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Truly Experienced New Jersey's Epoxy Flooring Contractors Are Fewer Than Advertised

Food and beverage flooring as well as restaurant kitchen flooring require a level of expertise that are unique to this industry, it is without question, a market that doing your homework will pay instant dividends.

High Performance Systems is the eighth leading installers of urethane cement flooring, often used in the food industry, across the nation proudly boasting a 110,000 square foot project completed in 2019 in south jersey. Keep in mind we also perform projects as small as 500 square feet.

In closing, give us a call today to discuss your epoxy flooring needs we would be happy to provide you with whatever insights you may need to create an epoxy flooring system that will pass the test of time.


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