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Epoxy Flooring Projects in NJ

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Various Epoxy Floor Projects HPS has Completed in NJ

This post illustrates a few of the many epoxy floor projects we have completed in 2022. We are one of the areas leading epoxy floor contractors and boast many more installations never hesitate to request a project that might best illustrate your goals for your next epoxy floor project

Epoxy Flooring

epoxy floor

This was an auto repair shop located in Patterson NJ. The client recently leased this space and wanted to enhance its curb appeal. It also included line striping and logo application.

The application involved an epoxy primer, epoxy body coat, and urethane topcoat to further enhance its scratch resistance and color retention on its new epoxy floor.

Grind and Seal Concrete Floor

grind and seal concrete floor

This project was located in Lakewood, NJ involving 30,000 square feet of our most popular and cost-effective grind and seal concrete floor system.

The system included concrete resurfacing, and a two-coat system after diamond grinding. This floor was specifically installed to reduce dust and as a time saver for their daily cleaning.

Commercial Kitchen Floor

commercial kitchen floor

This commercial kitchen floor was located in South Plainfield NJ. This urethane cement floor system is ideal for the food and beverage industry as it has thermal shock characteristics similar to concrete substrates making peeling virtually impossible when properly installed. Also, note the radius coving to create a bathtub-like floor to minimize the possibility of bacteria festering.

Restaurant Kitchen Floor

restaurant kitchen floor

This restaurant kitchen floor was installed in Rockaway, NJ. This system replaced their old quarry tile floor which required lots of repairs and trapped moisture under the tile.

Best of all, it made the daily cleaning routine fast and easy.

This system is not only designed for food service but is quick curing minimizing downtime.

Epoxy Flake Floor

epoxy flake floor

This epoxy flake floor system was installed in a school restroom in Parsippany, NJ. It is sometimes referred to as an economical terrazzo floor for its multi-colored flake appearance.

The color combinations are limitless and the resins can be altered to defend against whatever chemical exposure the space may be exposed.

Polished Concrete

concrete polish

This concrete polish was performed in Fairfield, NJ. The client needs to restore their old terrazzo floor. The honing process has various levels anywhere from 400 to 3,000 sheen. This particular floor was polished to a 1,500 sheen making this old floor look like new again.

Animal Care Epoxy Flooring

animal care epoxy floor

This animal care epoxy flooring system was installed in a veterinary hospital located in Hackettstown, NJ.

Installing a seamless system allows this venue to operate with the peace of mind that any germs or bacteria will be easy to eliminate within their kennels.

Hangar Epoxy Flooring

hangar epoxy floor

This hangar epoxy floor was installed in Monmouth, NJ. It was a large 120,000-square-foot space. The old floor had no coating and was stained badly and became very unsightly.

This epoxy floor system included a highly chemical-resistant topcoat to resist jet engine fuel staining.

Acid Stain Epoxy Floor

acid stained epoxy flooring

This acid stained epoxy floor was installed in Chester, NJ. It was for an apple cider brewery.

It is our version of the old acid staining, although we also topcoat with an epoxy coating and finally a urethane coating to create a very high chemical resistance making long-term aesthetics a reality.

HPS is an Experience Epoxy Floor Contractor Located in NJ

Give us a call today and let our 30-plus years of experience work for you. Our services go beyond just epoxy flooring contractors. We also slope substrates to refit a space and help with your specific chemical and wear needs.


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