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Epoxy Flooring NJ Is Exploding In Popularity

Updated: Aug 9

The Epoxy Flooring Industry in New Jersey Continues To Expand

From Cape May, NJ to Mahwah, NJ we are the leading epoxy flooring contractor both in volume and quality based on our reviews and client satisfaction.

After over 30 years in the service industry, High Performance Systems is benefitting from the growth of the industrial market. Our company's value of customer service has paid large dividends. Please allow us to share just a few of our projects here in Garden State.

restaurant kitchen flooring

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Floor located in Edison NJ

This was a 2,900 square foot kitchen for a local restaurant concern venue for more details on restaurant kitchen flooring please click here for details

food and beverage floor

Food and Beverage Floor located in Wayne, NJ

A 60,000 square foot urethane cement project this job entailed integral radius coving and a 1/4" system with a chemical resistant topcoat. For more details click here.

warehouse epoxy floor
Warehouse Epoxy Flooring is located in Secaucus, NJ

This was a 50,000 square foot warehouse floor coating for our regular client, their line of work includes storing and transporting furniture and other items for large institutional concerns. For details please click here.

warehouse floor coating
Warehouse Floor Coating is located in Rockaway, NJ

There was a 4,200 square foot warehouse floor coating for an optical instrument facility. If you would like more information on warehouse floor coatings please click here.

Kennel Epoxy Floor
Kennel Epoxy Flooring in Hackettstown, NJ

3,000 square foot animal care epoxy flooring for an animal hospital. For more information on animal care, and epoxy flooring click here.

grind and seal floor
Grind and Seal Flooring in Rockaway, NJ

12,000 square feet of grind and seal epoxy flooring, An economical solution to your old warehouse floor. For more information on the grind and se flooring click here.

commercial kitchen floor

Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Jersey City, NJ

Hyatt kitchen floor project involving 2,900 square feet.

For more information on commercial kitchens, and floors click here.

epoxy flake floor
Epoxy Flake Flooring in Gillette, NJ

3,200 square feet of epoxy flake flooring for a landscape nursery concern. For more information on epoxy flake flooring click here.

manufacturing epoxy floor
Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring in Green Brook, NJ

3,700 square feet of manufacturing epoxy flooring for a boat service concern. For more information on manufacturing epoxy flooring please click here.

Trucrete Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete in Woodbridge, NJ

Polished project for a private school to include Tru Crete overlayment. For more information on concrete polishing please click here.

Resinous Flooring Experts with over 30 years in the Business

After many years of not only installing resinous flooring systems, we have not only perfected our installation procedures. We also can see your unique situation and develop a plan of action to meet our client's needs. Give us a call to discuss your epoxy flooring needs in NJ, we would be happy to assist with whatever insights or pricing you may require.


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