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Is Epoxy a Good Flooring System for the Outdoors?

Updated: Oct 7

We all want our workplaces to be clean and tidy, because this creates a high quality environment and an inviting workspace.

This goes for exterior workspaces as well, and frequently, our clients request a commercial epoxy flooring system for their exterior workplace.

What Type Of Flooring Works Best For Outdoor Workplaces?

outdoor epoxy flooring

While epoxies boast extremely durable compressive strength, their chemistry does not lend itself well to exterior conditions, as it does not handle ultraviolet rays well. Over time, the sun and other UV light sources will cause all epoxies to eventually discolor, which can make them dull and cause them to oxidize.

The other concern that needs to be considered is that concrete epoxy flooring is very rigid, and they have a much higher hardness level than concrete substrates. This creates a scenario where expansion coefficients do not mimic the new epoxy flooring, which will eventually cause major peeling and ultimately complete failure.

This is very common here in the Northeastern Region of the United States, where the temperature throughout the year can typically range from 0 to 100 degrees.

More than thirty years ago, resinous flooring professionals often used an aliphatic urethane topcoat to minimize discoloration and dulling. The shortcoming of this urethane cement flooring chemistry is that it must be applied at very thin thickness, making it minimally serviceable for exterior surfaces.

Several years later, a urethane topcoat was developed that was water-based. This chemistry bonded extremely well, but it was not able to tolerate UV light. Nevertheless, an epoxy flooring contractor may suggest a water-based coating system, which are typically developed with additives to slow curing inside the can. Additional inert ingredients are also often added to these mixtures to extend the product lifespan, creating an inexpensive coating.

At High Performance Systems, our corporate mission is to provide our clients with a professional and trouble-free installation, and we have come up with a solution of our own.

kennel epoxy flooring

Our Solution - Polyaspartic Flooring

After years of experimenting and working with our manufacturers to develop a resinous flooring system we can stand behind with full confidence, we collectively determined that polyaspartic flooring is the best product available for exterior workspaces.

In most cases, polyaspartic flooring not only meets, but exceeds our client’s expectations, both in appearance and in longevity. The chemistry of a polyaspartic floor has many benefits, including the ability to be produced in a variety of floor types, colors and designs.

Some of the most popular decorative polyaspartic flooring types that we offer are metallic, vinyl chip, and colored quartz. These variations can be discussed at length with one of our expert flooring installers, and we can determine which color and style will work best in your space.

Let An Experienced Epoxy Floor Contractor Walk You Through The Process

We can even create a custom color for your space, to ensure that the floor we install is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

High Performance Systems prides itself in offering hassle-free consultations, and developing a specification and cost to install the resinous flooring system that best suits your needs and vision.


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