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10 Factors In Choosing The Right Epoxy Flooring Specialist

Updated: Jul 14

When seeking an epoxy flooring specialist it is important to recognize the upfront cost does not necessarily result in a good return on investment. Hiring the right epoxy flooring contractor is vital to maximizing your dollars spent. Please allow us to list the top ten reasons why.

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Top Ten Reasons to Hire High Performance Systems

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1. Experience matters, and hiring a well seasoned epoxy flooring specialist will likely result in a good outcome. Check to see how long the contractor has been in business and do request references, particularly of older epoxy flooring systems.

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2. Knowing the contractors preparation equipment and installation process. There is an endless list of clients that have chosen to go with a painting contractor for example, thinking price is the major concern. Typically, because of inferior preparation equipment, this will virtually assure a consumer of a minimal life expectancy.

Keep in mind, thermal cured epoxy flooring systems require a specific substrate profile. As defined by the Institute of Concrete Repair, those minimum standards cannot be achieved

without the correct down pressure or weight of the equipment and the tooling that will create the appropriate profile.

Think of of it as similar to that of preparing your home for painting; with the proper sanding it will perform well under any freeze and thaw conditions that exist. Acid washing or a light weight floor buffing machine cannot possibly provide the profile required by the coating manufacturer's requirements.

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3. Insist that your epoxy floor coating contractor provide a full array of resinous flooring projects, this will best provide tangible evidence of their ability to have the foresight of knowing what best serves your needs.

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4. Request physical samples to illustrate the resinous flooring system that best meets your conceptual finished flooring system. This will help you narrow down your selection of which contractor will be awarded the contract for your epoxy resin flooring system.

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5. Interview your epoxy flooring specialists to best identify fitness of purposes i.e.; coating, slurry or mortar system, as well as if your workspace is best suited for a decorative epoxy flooring system or strictly for an industrial flooring service.

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6. A good epoxy flooring specialist will provide the data sheets and SDS data sheets to inform you of the products strengths and limitations as well as any safety concerns that will need to be addressed prior to commencement.

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7. Be sure to get three quotations to confirm your epoxy flooring costs are being priced both economically as well as appropriately to meet or exceed your needs.

8. Interview your epoxy floor coating specialist, because first impressions are important, as this is potentially the resinous contractor you may spend time and money on. Knowing how they interact with you says a lot about their interest in your concerns, not simply their profit motivations.

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9. Request all the available information available for the epoxy flooring system you have chosen to include color charts, and case studies of like jobs they have installed historically.

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10. Finally, request your epoxy coating contractor's insurance thresholds and of course request they include your company as "additionally insured", as this minimizes your liability, and in the outside chance something goes wrong you will be protecting your business from any unnecessary exposures.

An Epoxy Flooring Contractor with 3 Generations of Experience

In closing, after over thirty years in the industry, High Performance Systems has seen or heard of many surprise occurrences and have taken every possible measure to avoid putting our client in harms way, while enjoy the very best as an epoxy flooring specialist. Give us a call to discuss your epoxy flooring needs today!


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