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Evaluating A Good Floor Coating Contractor

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Epoxy flooring contractor is a very broad title which can include expertise in multiple facets, such as residential, industrial and commercial industries.

Some epoxy flooring contractors specialize in commercial epoxy flooring, while others might specialize in larger size projects.

So what common thread do all epoxy flooring professionals possess? Let's take a look at some things you, a prospective customer, should consider when hiring a contractor.

How does your epoxy floor contractor handle the initial site visit?

While performing a site visit, an epoxy flooring contractor needs to gather information to properly assess how they will build a concrete epoxy flooring system that matches the existing conditions, the introduced conditions and the building perimeters.

Understanding the existing conditions will dictate the appropriate preparation to ensure surface contaminants are removed and that the appropriate base layers of an epoxy floor are installed.

For example, if your existing floor is tile, a specific primer is made to etch the tile and aid in bond, but may increase the overall epoxy flooring cost.

An experienced epoxy flooring contractor can tailor the floor system to provide additional thickness in these areas, while offering a thinner system in the less trafficked areas and provide your space with the most efficient seamless floor system and product specification. They will also be able to provide a wide range of commercial epoxy flooring options.

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Providing The Epoxy Flooring Contractor With Information

Asking questions regarding the typical daily conditions and chemicals encountered will provide your epoxy flooring contractor with valuable information.

In shop floors and warehouses, where forklift traffic is a common occurrence, a urethane topcoat is typically best suited as it offers up to four times the abrasion resistance of a standard epoxy.

This means tire friction will not degrade your floor or pick up staining, ultimately offering you the best ROI and longest lasting floor solution.

Every customer and space has specifics that will make an experienced epoxy flooring contractors site visit the most valuable part of ensuring a quality installation. Projects often have specific timelines and dates that the installation will need to be performed within.

Frequently, a specific budget must be maintained or another factor that is intricate to you and your project. There are fast track or fast curing products and more budget friendly urethane cement flooring options to meet your specific needs.

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How does the epoxy contractor propose to perform the preparation prior to the installation of an epoxy floor system?

With inadequate preparation of the substrate, even the best of products will fail.

There are many forms of concrete preparation that are suitable for an industrial-strength epoxy flooring system, and there are some red flags to be aware of.

Most commonly, shot blasting and diamond grinding are the preferred means of concrete preparation for epoxy systems.

The best way to ensure that your epoxy flooring contractor is supplying your project with an adequate slab prep is to refer to the product data page or manufacturer for their suggested prep guidelines.

Beyond diamond grinding and shot blasting, your contractor should be installing keyways, and edging to ensure a full prep around equipment and anchor points where the system terminates.

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Red Flags for Epoxy Flooring

Some red flags to beware of include: acid etching, pressure washing and other simple cleaning methods.

Acid etching is an antiquated form of prep, in the sense that water is being introduced to a slab and it is susceptible to leaving salt deposits or bond breakers behind that will compromise your epoxies bond to the slab.

Pressure washing and other cleaning methods may help remove contaminants, but they will not create a mechanical profile needed for the epoxy to grip too.

Removing the laitance of a concrete slab and establishing a tooth for the epoxy to bite to ensures that your epoxy floor will wear rather than peel, and this process can only be achieved through diamond grinding or shot blasting.

How will your epoxy flooring contractors install your floor system?

Any experienced epoxy flooring contractor should educate you on what you are buying and how they are going to supply you with it.

This includes a projected timeline of events on their proposed scope of work.

How many days has your epoxy flooring contractor allocated for the installation and has he educated you on the cure time of the floor?

Your contractor should also discuss the thickness of their applied system and how they will ensure that you receive what you are paying for.

Ultimately, your epoxy flooring company should offer you a full picture on what you are buying, how it is protecting your space, and how you can maintain your new investment with a cleaning guideline.


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